Childhood TV

So, the topic for this week is the question of: if there was a TV show you watched as a kid that you could bring back what would it be?

My choice would be one that is not gone, Scooby-Doo. I know it was the same thing everytime, but I loved it. If it goes away before my future children get a chance to see it I will be very upset.

I just think it was such a great show. Other than that I watched Hey Arnold, Arthur, Wishbone, Tom and Jerry and a few others.

I think kid shows are great, and they teach you a lot that you never realize until later in life. It is always entertaining to watch the things I loved as a kid and pick up on so much more detail.

But for real, Scooby-Doo was and still is awesome.


Where would I take you if you visited Statesboro?

My favorite things to do in Statesboro changes depending on the season. Honestly, I love going to the movies in Sweetheart circle when Eagle Entertainment does them. Those make up one of my favorite things to do.

Although, that is not something that happens all the time. In general, if someone came here I know where I would take them. I would plan a day where we would go to a sports event, then we would go eat. Hopefully the day would have enough time that we could go downtown to FreeSpirit Pottery and Design to paint something. My favorite sporting events would be of course GSU ones (I only attend the football and baseball games though).

I feel like that would showcase my Statesboro pretty well. I go to sporting events, out to eat and downtown a lot.

If I had tons of time we would go out to eat at El Som, Millhouse, Chops and Holidays for sure. I would want to show someone how we eat out when we can. You know, we are poor college kids and cannot always afford to go out.

I spend a good bit of time at community service events, school events and sorority events as well. Those are three things very important to me. Showing someone the things that make Statesboro home to me would always be the first things I would do…so, I guess that means I would have to take them to Wal-Mart right?

Taking it back…to freshman year

If I could go back to freshman year at Georgia Southern I would probably change quite a few things, but they would be small ones I cannot remember.

I feel that if I changed things freshman year than I would not have ended up where I am today, and I would not trade many of the experiences I have had since freshman year for anything.

Many of the friends I had freshman year are gone or we parted ways, but through them I learned so much. Do I sometimes wish things went differently? Of course.

I became a part of Omega Phi Alpha, a national service sorority, fall of freshman year and have been a part of it ever since. I have volunteered with so many different organizations and had so many great experiences through OPA that I would not have gotten otherwise. I would not have known about OPA if it had not been for some of those friends that I have since lost touch with.

Overall, everything happens for a reason, and I know that sounds corny. Everyday I have conversations or certain things happen and I will wish I could change it or take it back, but really I don’t know if I would.

TOW: Advantages and Diasadvantages of Social Media

OOO isn’t this a great topic?


(photo source:

I have touched on this in the past and how companies can utilize social media.

I want to go into the individual aspect for a moment.

I feel that some advantages of using social media are:

  • It keeps you connected
  • It can be a great way to find new products
  • A good business tool to build your professional relations (when used correctly)
  • Entertainment
  • Meeting new people

Some Disadvantages:

  • Can create a lack of privacy that many do not consider when they are using it
  • Bullying
  • Spelling and grammar errors abound
  • Huge distraction possibilities
  • Can damage your reputation if you post/say the wrong thing

Overall, it is great that people have Facebook and Twitter to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, keep up to date on what their favorite companies are, make new connections, self-promote, etc. However, one really has to consider what they are putting out there.

Once you put something out on these sites, and the internet in general, it is there for good even if you delete it.


(photo credit: CNBC)

Say you add some professional contacts to your friends on FB and your followers/followed on Twitter. Then one day you put what you think is a funny joke, but someone takes it as racist or as your personal feelings. They may not say anything about it, but they will remember it. Then a few weeks later you post a questionable picture, then a few status updates or tweets about getting drunk or high and finally a very angry negative tweet and FB post. If these professionals see this, and they are likely to, because it is in their most recent tweets/news feed they may not always go look at your profile or full list of tweets. So, if they just see those and few acceptable ones they will likely lose respect for you and your reputation could be damaged.

Bad spelling and grammar could reflect poorly upon you too. It is ok to have some spelling and grammar errors on Twitter due to the limited amount of characters. If you are not limited please, please, please check your spelling and grammar!


(photo source:

If you are not a PR person or someone who’s job it is to monitor social media or post to the different platforms, but you are always on your social media sites then it could be a huge distraction in the workplace. It could also be a distraction in personal life. I cannot recall how many commercials or stories I have seen about two people being on a date and one of them is constantly checking FB or Twitter on their phone (ladies especially, this is listed as one of the top turn-offs for men in multiple magazines).

And who has not heard about all of the cyber-bullying? It is terrible and is not how social media should be used.

For businesses one of the best advantages is ROI. I liked this picture (source cited in pic):


So I say use social media!! But, be careful! I believe I posted awhile back some rules for social media…find that post and follow those rules please!

Tweet, post, check-in, etc to your hearts desire!

Some things I have commented on recently!

REALLY good post!

I saw this once before and never commented on it or shared it with anyone so I thought I would…it may be an old post but it is still relevant!

AND just because these are some things I like:

Printable Coupons:

Top blogs by crafters:

Cooking:  and I commented on this post because it is relevant to many college students and those who just do not have a large cash flow:

TOW: Dream Job

So, I have really been thinking about this all week…and really a lot longer than that. What is my dream job?

I have been having interviews over the past few weeks and trying to apply for jobs and get a job. Honestly, I have been asked in those interviews “if you are working in a job where you are truly happy and at home what is that job?” I just know that job would be one where I could mix going out and seeing clients or other workers outside of the office with desk work like research. I would be involved in something that ties in public relations. I have honestly learned so much about this field and what it truly is and am in love with it.

Public relations is more than just news releases; it is marketing, advertising, communications, and so much more.

It is such a diverse and varying field that has taught me so much.

I really cannot pinpoint an ideal dream job. I would like to start somewhere where I could work my way up in my career. Working for a PR Firm would be great because then you have multiple clients so it is ever-changing. There would never be a dull day. I would get to create campaigns for multiple companies and I would plan events and it would be perfect.

I could also work for an event planning company which would be great.

I have a background in art so could do something with an art gallery or museum. Maybe I could be like a creative director of a magazine one day.

No matter what I want to work with people and love my job, that is what makes it a dream job. As long as I like it and when I have kids I can give them the same upbringing I was given then I will be happy.

As for competing with others who are trying to get the same job(s) as me I would stand out by being myself. I think that some people tend to be fake at interviews and I am not. I am always bubbly and energetic and have been told I have an infectious personality that makes people want to be my friend instantly. That makes people like me and makes them comfortable. I also have an outstanding resume that covers most everything anyone would want to know and is still only one page. I usually do pretty well in interviews.

I have an extensive work background that is diverse just like my major. I really think my people skills will work to my advantage.

Let’s hope applying for all of these jobs and having all of these interviews I am having will yield themselves to my dream job.

*nervously awaiting graduation and having fingers crossed that I get a job before or right after graduation*


TOW: PINTEREST!! Addiction, PR tool, Fad?


So, this weeks topic of the week was (drumroll) you guessed it! Pinterest! The fastest growing social media site!

I personally have an account and am on it all the time. I even have the app for my phone (it crashes a lot).

I think Pinterest is addictive and I love it. I do not see the phenomenon that is Pinterest going away anytime soon. I truly feel that the site is a great way for people to interact and share their ideas without bounds. It is pictures not so much words which leads to some people being more adventurous with their pins.


I have said since the beginning that it could be a great business tool and used in PR. I remember this summer doing a PRChat on Twitter and tweeting that I felt that PInterest could be a useful PR tool and that I knew some companies using it. I was asked by one of the professionals leading this chat why and could I list examples?

It is simple, I first noticed it with’s Pinterest. She pins series of pins about one company, a collection, a color, a fad, an emerging fashion trend, a specific type of food, etc. She links to company pages and lists prices on the pins. This is great for those companies!

From there I noticed just how many pins link back to websites. I know I have bought things from seeing them on Pinterest. This is great! PR professionals could pin things from their multitude of clients and even from personal favorites. One could have a whole board devoted to a client.

I think it is a great way to do PR. I know that I simply commented on a random pin that I knew how to make what was pinned and got an email from a woman asking if I could make her one and she could buy it! You can explore just the pinners that you follow and their pins or you can explore everything. You can even narrow it down to a topic.

The following is a screenshot of my Pinterest boards. Want an invite?! I’ll invite you!


I love Pinterest and have probably invited over 75 or so people who in turn invite all of their friends. I recommend it to fellow foodies because I and others pin great recipes, to workout fanatics because there are tons of workouts on there, fashionistas because there are tons of pins about fashion, etc. I do warn them that it is addictive.


I know I will go on Pinterest at least once a week. Everytime I get on there I always say, “I am just going to click fetch more pins one more time.” I click it like five times.

I think it is genius!

Follow my boards by clicking this link: