iPhone Apps That I Love! – For Real My Last Post on This Blog

So, I have an iPhone 4 after months of a crappy different phone I posted about last week.

These are the apps that I have and love:


Flashlight by Zentertain Ltd. – Truly you can use any flashlight app, but I just really liked this one

WellsFargo – find ATMs near you!

GSU – my schools app

Scan – everyone has to have a QR code reader




ESPN ScoreCenter

ColorEffects – for photos ❤ it

JustWink- greeting cards fun!

Redbox – reserve movies ahead of time!

iHeartRadio- musicccc, enough said


DrawSomething Free by OMGPOP – SO much fun! I love it

Mahjong – all of them are fun!

Angry Birds- I have Space, Seasons, Normal and Rio….I am an addict

Words with Friends – Zynga

Scramble with Friends – Zynga

Sol Free- solitaire game where you can play many different types of solitaire

Bananagrams – OMG love the game so had to get the app, hard to explain…kind of like scrabble but not really…I suggest reading up on it and playing it

Bejeweled Blitz – fun

Glass Tower2 – break blocks, but be careful that they do not fall off the sides!

Farkle – dice game, tons of fun!

DHangmanF – really ultimate hangman game I really enjoy it – easiest way to find this one is by searching DHangmanF which is why I put that 🙂

Sudoku – I have played a few different ones and like them all for the most part

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas by Disney – really cool pirate app where you go to different islands that you unlock as you level up and you do tasks. You can also battle other pirate ships!


Pose – really interesting app, kind of like Pinterest


Facebook Messenger


TweetDeck- Sometimes I use TweetDeck, but lately I have just been using the good old Twitter app

Etsy – I love the website and the app is great too, if you like Pinterest you will like Etsy!

Pinterest – If you do not know what this is check my post about it

Foursquare – love when places have deals for checking in!

FML – F$%^ my life moments that people have

TFLN- Texts from last night in case you didn’t know that- super hilarious

WordPress – for posts like this one!

LinkedIn – have to keep up with that professional world!

Float- by Scribd, I don’t really use it much…but it is a cool concept


ScoutMob – great deals at local places!

Starbucks – you can create drinks, upload gift cards, and pay from your phone

Allrecipes – great collection of recipes and easy to use app, uses less data than accessing the website

Urbanspoon- ❤

Yelp – find local places and read reviews

WholeFoods- recipes and shopping tool

Mixology – really fun tool, you can shake your phone and it will make a random drink or you can pick an ingredient you want in it and it will give you options


That is basically all of the ones I have right now 🙂


General Post- Rant on AT&T

So, I had an iPhone at the beginning of this school year and then it got run over…long story.

I ended up going through all this crap with AT&T and them telling me they could not help me until finally someone was like, “We cannot give you another iPhone, but I can get you a different smart phone for free.” Needless to say I was all over that! The person did not clarify that it was a new two-year contract and I would be unable to get any other phone with an update until March of 2013. Not O.K. He told me that I could get an iPhone in August…lies.

So I ended up with this new phone, a Samsung, and I hated it. It would randomly turn on and off, vibrate when I had it set to never vibrate, force close apps, the mic was on the back of the phone so people could never hear me, it did not like my cars SYNC, adding music to it was a pain and the list goes on and on. So after a month I found out all of the above about the contract and whatnot and was pissed. My father was really angry and found out that I never verbally accepted the terms of a contract or anything; it should not have been binding. Yet, the people at AT&T said we were S.O.L.

My dad was angry and kept trying to figure something out until we broke down, and he had to add a new phone line to our plan to get me a phone I like. I am now paying that extra $10 a month, but the iPhone is worth it to me.

Dream Travel :)

The topic of this week is writing about where we would travel to if we had the money to do so, and why would we go there.

I have a few places that I am going to talk about, but really I want to go so many places and just explore the world and see how people live in different countries and just explore.

However, specifically I would want to go to Italy, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Russia, Canada and Hawaii.

The only three I really have reasons for wanting to go to that I could elaborate on are Italy, England and France.

I have been to Italy and I fell in love. I want to go back there so badly. I truly enjoyed just the history there. It was beautiful and everywhere you turned there was something ancient. I want to go back and spend more time in the art museums. I want to stay in Florence for a few weeks or more as it was my favorite place. I liked Rome, but not as much as Florence. I would also want to go back to Naples and tour Pompeii again. Plus, Italian food is delicious and when you are there you do so much walking and have such a healthier lifestyle you don’t gain weight.

One of the other places I want to go is England. I want to go here just because of all of the movies and pop culture and I guess because it is our “motherland” for the most part. I think that learning about it for so many years impacted my desire to go there.

The other place that I can elaborate upon as far as my reasoning for wanting to visit is France. I have taken multiple years of French and am close to being fluent when I am actively using my skills. I want to go to France in order to immerse myself in the culture and become fluent. I also want to go to see all of the sites I learned about in art classes and to sample the food.

Ah, I just really have a the travel bug.

Bridging Generation Gaps with Social Media

The topic this week is how to convince other generations (non Gen Y’s) that social media can be helpful to them and an asset in the business world.

One surprising fact though is that teens and college students are not the age group most populous on Twitter. The most populous age group is 30-50. According to this website: in 2009 18-50 year olds comprised 78% of Twitter users.

The rapidly growing amount of people on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress makes social media a great platform for any business.

If I were to need to convince an employer to use social media for their business I would simply present them with the facts of how many people use social media and how far reaching it is. Social media covers so many demographics that utilizing it truly reaches a multitude of people. That is how I would convince them. Numbers speak volumes.

Where would I take you if you visited Statesboro?

My favorite things to do in Statesboro changes depending on the season. Honestly, I love going to the movies in Sweetheart circle when Eagle Entertainment does them. Those make up one of my favorite things to do.

Although, that is not something that happens all the time. In general, if someone came here I know where I would take them. I would plan a day where we would go to a sports event, then we would go eat. Hopefully the day would have enough time that we could go downtown to FreeSpirit Pottery and Design to paint something. My favorite sporting events would be of course GSU ones (I only attend the football and baseball games though).

I feel like that would showcase my Statesboro pretty well. I go to sporting events, out to eat and downtown a lot.

If I had tons of time we would go out to eat at El Som, Millhouse, Chops and Holidays for sure. I would want to show someone how we eat out when we can. You know, we are poor college kids and cannot always afford to go out.

I spend a good bit of time at community service events, school events and sorority events as well. Those are three things very important to me. Showing someone the things that make Statesboro home to me would always be the first things I would do…so, I guess that means I would have to take them to Wal-Mart right?

Taking it back…to freshman year

If I could go back to freshman year at Georgia Southern I would probably change quite a few things, but they would be small ones I cannot remember.

I feel that if I changed things freshman year than I would not have ended up where I am today, and I would not trade many of the experiences I have had since freshman year for anything.

Many of the friends I had freshman year are gone or we parted ways, but through them I learned so much. Do I sometimes wish things went differently? Of course.

I became a part of Omega Phi Alpha, a national service sorority, fall of freshman year and have been a part of it ever since. I have volunteered with so many different organizations and had so many great experiences through OPA that I would not have gotten otherwise. I would not have known about OPA if it had not been for some of those friends that I have since lost touch with.

Overall, everything happens for a reason, and I know that sounds corny. Everyday I have conversations or certain things happen and I will wish I could change it or take it back, but really I don’t know if I would.

TOW: Advantages and Diasadvantages of Social Media

OOO isn’t this a great topic?


(photo source:

I have touched on this in the past and how companies can utilize social media.

I want to go into the individual aspect for a moment.

I feel that some advantages of using social media are:

  • It keeps you connected
  • It can be a great way to find new products
  • A good business tool to build your professional relations (when used correctly)
  • Entertainment
  • Meeting new people

Some Disadvantages:

  • Can create a lack of privacy that many do not consider when they are using it
  • Bullying
  • Spelling and grammar errors abound
  • Huge distraction possibilities
  • Can damage your reputation if you post/say the wrong thing

Overall, it is great that people have Facebook and Twitter to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, keep up to date on what their favorite companies are, make new connections, self-promote, etc. However, one really has to consider what they are putting out there.

Once you put something out on these sites, and the internet in general, it is there for good even if you delete it.


(photo credit: CNBC)

Say you add some professional contacts to your friends on FB and your followers/followed on Twitter. Then one day you put what you think is a funny joke, but someone takes it as racist or as your personal feelings. They may not say anything about it, but they will remember it. Then a few weeks later you post a questionable picture, then a few status updates or tweets about getting drunk or high and finally a very angry negative tweet and FB post. If these professionals see this, and they are likely to, because it is in their most recent tweets/news feed they may not always go look at your profile or full list of tweets. So, if they just see those and few acceptable ones they will likely lose respect for you and your reputation could be damaged.

Bad spelling and grammar could reflect poorly upon you too. It is ok to have some spelling and grammar errors on Twitter due to the limited amount of characters. If you are not limited please, please, please check your spelling and grammar!


(photo source:

If you are not a PR person or someone who’s job it is to monitor social media or post to the different platforms, but you are always on your social media sites then it could be a huge distraction in the workplace. It could also be a distraction in personal life. I cannot recall how many commercials or stories I have seen about two people being on a date and one of them is constantly checking FB or Twitter on their phone (ladies especially, this is listed as one of the top turn-offs for men in multiple magazines).

And who has not heard about all of the cyber-bullying? It is terrible and is not how social media should be used.

For businesses one of the best advantages is ROI. I liked this picture (source cited in pic):


So I say use social media!! But, be careful! I believe I posted awhile back some rules for social media…find that post and follow those rules please!

Tweet, post, check-in, etc to your hearts desire!