Reflection and the future

So the semester has come to an end. Time to reflect upon what this semester was all about…the highs and lows, what I’ve learned…

Well, I would have to say that this semester has given me a wealth of knowledge. I did not think it would be a very difficult semester as I was not taking very many classes. However, the classes I took were very difficult and time-consuming. The high of this semester would be my friends and having fun with them. I really got to have some great experiences this semester with them especially during spring break when I hit a low because of my Aunt Sue’s death. My friends took me to Stone Mountain the day of her service and we hiked up it. That was a huge high point in the semester because friends that I love wanted to cheer me up and it worked.

Some other highs were going bowling with friends, to movies, Savannah trips and more. We really spent this semester focusing on good times and memories when we hung out and even though we are all 22 I do not think at any point this semester we ever really went out drinking or anything. It was more about going bowling and playing trivia and having fun than anything else. I really enjoyed that aspect of this semester and I tended to need it after a week of stressful classes.

The lows of the semester were probably the all-nighters (and forgetting to put blog comments I made on other blogs on here…). At one point I slept for 6 hours in a period of 96 hours. It was horrible. I was in a campaigns class and we had tons of work to do and kept changing our minds on stuff. It was very stressful. Overall though presenting the campaign and finishing it was amazing and worth the stress. My jewelry, yes jewelry, class was also a ton of work. It was awesome to see the finished pieces, but the process of getting there was a pain.

Hopefully, a new high will be finding out on Monday that all of my jewelry sold in the Club Mud sale that is happening this weekend! That would mean I would get a nice check and the knowledge that people liked my work.

In all reality this semester was a very good one. It was one of the most stressful and hardest semesters, but I loved it. Now I am graduating in a week and it gives me very mixed feelings.

On one hand I am excited to graduate and proud of my accomplishments. On the other hand I am going to miss Georgia Southern and all of the great times I have had here. I’ll miss my friends who are not graduating too; my best friend is one of those who is not graduating. Also, this may seem teacher pet like, but I am going to miss some of my professors because I have had them for three or four years.

The knowledge I have gained being in one of the best public relations programs around will aid me in doing my best at my future jobs. I know that at some schools their programs are just public relations and communications. Here at Southern we took marketing, advertising, communication studies, communication arts, journalism, multi-media communications and more. Having a well-rounded curriculum will likely aid me in landing a good job.

Well, this is likely to be one of my last posts on this blog as I will probably start a new professional blog if I choose to have one in the future. So for the few people who read this goodbye!

Here is a really cool post you should all read if you like crayons:


If I worked for the Braves

So this week we had to think about what we would do if we worked for a MLB team in order to get people in the stands.

Naturally, I had to think about if I worked for the Braves; they are my MLB team.

If they were winning I would play on that to get people in the stands. I would have commercials (radio and TV) and billboards about the Braves being winners. I would be sure to amp up social media use as well.

I think that having in-game contests makes it more interesting too. There could be one where if you tweet the best Braves photo of the day it gets on the big screen and the website. Ticket giveaways are always great. In general I would do everything to amp up Atlanta and visitors here to get them in the winning baseball spirit!

Now, if we were losing I would have discounts and even more contests. If it had been a REALLY bad season then I would ensure ticket prices went down just enough to keep the stadium close to full so we could still make enough profit to run everything. The ads in the community would be about loyalty and have to do with the years of history and tradition the Braves games have.

I think it would be a good job to have. This situation showcases PR as marketers/advertisers and I love that.


Dream Travel :)

The topic of this week is writing about where we would travel to if we had the money to do so, and why would we go there.

I have a few places that I am going to talk about, but really I want to go so many places and just explore the world and see how people live in different countries and just explore.

However, specifically I would want to go to Italy, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Russia, Canada and Hawaii.

The only three I really have reasons for wanting to go to that I could elaborate on are Italy, England and France.

I have been to Italy and I fell in love. I want to go back there so badly. I truly enjoyed just the history there. It was beautiful and everywhere you turned there was something ancient. I want to go back and spend more time in the art museums. I want to stay in Florence for a few weeks or more as it was my favorite place. I liked Rome, but not as much as Florence. I would also want to go back to Naples and tour Pompeii again. Plus, Italian food is delicious and when you are there you do so much walking and have such a healthier lifestyle you don’t gain weight.

One of the other places I want to go is England. I want to go here just because of all of the movies and pop culture and I guess because it is our “motherland” for the most part. I think that learning about it for so many years impacted my desire to go there.

The other place that I can elaborate upon as far as my reasoning for wanting to visit is France. I have taken multiple years of French and am close to being fluent when I am actively using my skills. I want to go to France in order to immerse myself in the culture and become fluent. I also want to go to see all of the sites I learned about in art classes and to sample the food.

Ah, I just really have a the travel bug.


So, I always forget to post my comments that I make on other blogs. Thus, later tonight I will post links to some blogs I have commented on in the past and some links to newer comments.

Childhood TV

So, the topic for this week is the question of: if there was a TV show you watched as a kid that you could bring back what would it be?

My choice would be one that is not gone, Scooby-Doo. I know it was the same thing everytime, but I loved it. If it goes away before my future children get a chance to see it I will be very upset.

I just think it was such a great show. Other than that I watched Hey Arnold, Arthur, Wishbone, Tom and Jerry and a few others.

I think kid shows are great, and they teach you a lot that you never realize until later in life. It is always entertaining to watch the things I loved as a kid and pick up on so much more detail.

But for real, Scooby-Doo was and still is awesome.

Where would I take you if you visited Statesboro?

My favorite things to do in Statesboro changes depending on the season. Honestly, I love going to the movies in Sweetheart circle when Eagle Entertainment does them. Those make up one of my favorite things to do.

Although, that is not something that happens all the time. In general, if someone came here I know where I would take them. I would plan a day where we would go to a sports event, then we would go eat. Hopefully the day would have enough time that we could go downtown to FreeSpirit Pottery and Design to paint something. My favorite sporting events would be of course GSU ones (I only attend the football and baseball games though).

I feel like that would showcase my Statesboro pretty well. I go to sporting events, out to eat and downtown a lot.

If I had tons of time we would go out to eat at El Som, Millhouse, Chops and Holidays for sure. I would want to show someone how we eat out when we can. You know, we are poor college kids and cannot always afford to go out.

I spend a good bit of time at community service events, school events and sorority events as well. Those are three things very important to me. Showing someone the things that make Statesboro home to me would always be the first things I would do…so, I guess that means I would have to take them to Wal-Mart right?

Taking it back…to freshman year

If I could go back to freshman year at Georgia Southern I would probably change quite a few things, but they would be small ones I cannot remember.

I feel that if I changed things freshman year than I would not have ended up where I am today, and I would not trade many of the experiences I have had since freshman year for anything.

Many of the friends I had freshman year are gone or we parted ways, but through them I learned so much. Do I sometimes wish things went differently? Of course.

I became a part of Omega Phi Alpha, a national service sorority, fall of freshman year and have been a part of it ever since. I have volunteered with so many different organizations and had so many great experiences through OPA that I would not have gotten otherwise. I would not have known about OPA if it had not been for some of those friends that I have since lost touch with.

Overall, everything happens for a reason, and I know that sounds corny. Everyday I have conversations or certain things happen and I will wish I could change it or take it back, but really I don’t know if I would.