Still on Hiatus but had to share! has a vera bradley give away!

also you can buy stuff from their site! thought it was cool! the giveaway is great PR!



8tracks is a website where people have playlists that you can listen to for free. You can also become a member.

I think it is a really cool website. You can find a playlist to fit whatever mood you are in, and if you find someone whos playlists you enjoy then you can follow them, like you do on Twitter.

Some that I am currently exploring are:

and my roommate/best friend and I watch How I Met Your Mother primetime on CBS or reruns on Lifetime and in one episode Barney has a playlist and this is it!


Pepsi Refresh

Pepsi has been giving away money to people and organizations with “refreshing” ideas.

People and companies can post their ideas on changing the world one step at a time to the refresh site. Then it is up to the world to vote! At the end of each month the top ideas will be announced and the funding will be given to support their idea.

To visit the website and see for yourself some of the ideas go to and vote! Voting closes for this month soon!

There are multiple categories that you can choose from to view the ideas. You can have the ideas on shuffle or in order of ranking, and you can also have them sorted by the proposed funding needed: 5K, 25K, 50K, and 250K. The areas are: Health, Arts & Culture, Food and Shelter, The Planet,  Neighborhoods, and Education.

It is a wonderful idea in my opinion and it gets everyone involved in making small changes to better the world.

A video about the project is available on the site too!


Medias Relation to Body Image

In my human comm. class we had a whole day of talking about the media and how it changes the way people view things.

One of the things we talked about is the fact that the average woman in America is a size 14!! 14!!

Yet, if you just went off of the media and television then you would think that every woman was a size 2,3,4 maybe a 5.

Our teacher related it to problems with body image like people who have body dysmorphia and/or eating disorders.

I personally am not a size two, nor do I want to be. However, I will admit that I think that what people see is what determines what they want to be like.

If you search media causes eating disorders on most search engines you will even find websites that talk about little girls having eating disorders.

Crazy world we live in, with babies on diets, and five-year olds wanting to be skinny.

Advertising Lingo

This website has tables with advertising language and what terms/adjectives best describe what type of product.

I thought it was really cool and informative. I never really thought of the adjectives that are used in the commercials or ads you see calling things wholesome, pure, reliable, and other adjectives.

It was ten students and how they thought each adjective related to the product.

An example of what it says is for an MP3 player you can use: Alive (1), Clear (5),  Comfortable (1), Good-looking (4), Good value (6), Happy (2), Large (1), Loud (7), Pure (1), Reliable (6), Rugged (3), Small (10), Strong (1), and Stylish (5). The number in parentheses after the word is how many students found that term a good adjective for the product.

Hope you’ll find it interesting.

Want more people to see your website? is a website created by Robert Woodhead. One of the things I assume he deems important due to its bold face and larger font is:

“99% of Webmasters don’t need costly website optimization and submission services. Interestingly, 99% of “Search Engine Professionals” don’t mention this — they’re too interested in charging you for their services.”

A summary of his summary of his “12 step” program:

1. If you’re selling something, make sure you’re selling the right thing.

2. Get your site working properly.

3. Choose keywords and tweak your site for the search engines.

4. Submit to the major search engines.

5. Submit to the major indexes.

6. Submit to the general indexes.

7. Send me money!

8. Consider paying for hits.

9. Learn more about sales and promotion.

10. Do your research before hiring anyone to do promotion for you.

11. Go get some links!

12. Read the rest of this page!

Go check out his page for more info!

Personal Branding

Another thing on BusinessExchange is: which talks about personal branding.

“Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others. Many successful people use personal branding as a career strategy for creating value, expert positioning, and as a way to increase audience size and attention. Personal branding was conceived in 1997 by Tom Peters and has gone mainstream in the past few years with the adoption of social media. ”

In PR personal branding is essential you want people to know who you are and your values. Also, think about a job interview you want to know how to “sell” yourself, and make them want you.