So, I was randomly searching for PR and marketing on Bing and came across I have to say, there are some really cool posts on this site.

There is a A-Z social media terms list, 100 ways to measure social media post, some posts about Twitter, and many others.

I think that this site has really cool facts and helpful hints on it!

Go check it out and enjoy!


Blogging Formula

Step 1: Decide what the post should do for you

Do you want to create business, get reposted/linked, have a call to action, or just start something?

Step 2: How can I be helpful?

Everyone wants to post something on their blogs to help others.

Step 3: The actual writing

You should let your message and intent guide your writing style/length.

Review last few weeks posts to prevent repetition.


These helpful tips were found at

Nora Roberts Series- Event Planning PR

"Book 3 Savor the Moment"

Awesome new romance series from Nora Roberts called the Bride Quartet is amazing! How do they relate to pr? The entire series is about four friends who create their own wedding planning business. One friend does photography, one flowers, one cakes, and one does the pr and planning. I really like the idea of being an event planner so to me this series is a personal winner.

The first book is Vision in White and follows Mackenzie the photographer. The second is Bed of Roses which follows Emma the florist. The third one Savor the Moment is about Laurel the pastry chef. The fourth one has not come out yet and it will feature Parker the brains of the operation. Parker is my favorite because she is the pr person for their business and runs the whole thing.

It is a wonderful series for any female readers and even better if you are interested in event planning and pr.