Personal Career Goals


So, I thought it would be a good idea to inform whomever is reading this about my career goals. I am currently a Public Relations major so, I obviously want to do something involving PR. However, I used to be an art major. Art is something I have always loved. Creativity has a wonderful outlet in art which is the reason I do it. I really want to find a career where I can incorporate art and PR into one.

Some options… My Aunt and Uncle own an event planning company called Hargrove. Their company┬áhas recently become more politically involved, and working for them as their PR exec would be something I would enjoy. Since I currently work for Estee Lauder I could climb up the ranks into the corporate side of the company and work on PR for them. I think it would be cool to be the Creative Director of either company or one I am as of yet unaware of. I am currently working on becoming fluent in French so perhaps I could be a PR exec in France.

I know that this is thinking in the future, but I really have a dream of owning my own business. I would love to own a cute little bookstore somewhere when I retire from whatever career path I choose to follow.

Thanks for reading!