Blog Comments

This is where I will post comments that I have made on other people’s blogs.

Comment #1

Comment made on The Comms Corner by Adam Vincenzini on May 28,2009

“I think that this is a really cool idea. I am a junior PR major so, hopefully, this will help me out when it comes time to find a job. The idea really seems simple and yet you’re the first person who I have heard it from. Blogging to further your career. Blogging about what you enjoy would let people know you are interested in that field and passionate about it. Meeting people through blogging about what you are interested in…genius in its simplicity. I have yet to really get into blogging, but I am sure that with your advice I can be successful at it! Thanks for the advice!”

Comment #2

Comment made on PRos in Training by Kelli Matthews on May 28, 2009

“I have read a few of your “linky love” posts, and I think they are great. I really think that it is helpful to students like me to see these links to things that we care about and want to be involved in. The links to pages that have tips on how to do stuff are really useful. I am new to blogging so the ones on this post about blogging were good reads. I also read a lot so I will have to check out the books on the link to the top 14 business books. Keep up with the “linky love!”

Comment #3

Posted to Kneale Mann’s Blog One Man on June 19, 2010

“I think that post is very interesting. I especially like the comparison of porcrastination to eating frogs. People really do put of the things that they do not want to do until the last minute. In the end putting things off creates more stress and the finished product is never as good as it would have been if done early. I mean, I am guilty of that too, but I know things I do last minute never turn out how I wanted them to. From now on, I will eat more frogs!”

Comment #4

Comment made on June 26, 2010 on Chris Brogan’s blog/page

“I am a Public Relations student and just recently started a blog. I find these tips rather helpful. I have not really thought about it in a way of what do I want my post to do or how I can be helpful. Also, the link to pictures on Flickr will probably be a great help since I have yet to post any pictures for any of my posts. I did not know about the bookmarking posts over 500 words so that is a great thing to know. I also think that it is a simple and yet, from all of the blogs I have read lately, overlooked detail of reviewing previous posts to prevent repetition.”

Comment #5

Made on 7/9/2010 at Danny Brown’s blog

“Wow! These facts are fascinating! I really find it odd to see all of my addictions to Facebook and Twitter and other media networks made to seem normal. I’m happy I have more friends than the average FB user, surprised that people spend 500 billion minutes per month on facebook, and find it interesting how many sites have integrated with facebook. Twitter I am relatively newly introduced to. I guess I am part of the 75% that use third party apps, TweetDeck.  It is amazing to me that it started as a SMS-text service and that 60% of users are outside of the United States. I adore YouTube, and am happy to learn new things about it. I am not surprised that the U.S. is the majority of users. As for blogging, I am new at that and started it with my PR class and I never read or blog or thought about it until my class.  Well, thank you so much for all of the random awesome facts!”

Comment #6

Comment made 7/9/2010 on Pamorama’s blog post

“I really did not know what half of these words meant! I mean some of these sites I have never heard of. I had never heard of Vidler, Zoho, New Reader, Zoomr, Orkut, Yelp, Ustream, Tumblr, Technorati, and several of the others. I did recently discover StumbleUpon as my roommate is currently fascinated with it and thinks that anyone can become a genius by just stumbling a lot and learning. I thought that some of the technical terms were really helpful for someone like me, a PR student, who is just really getting started with social networking and does not know half of the sites, how to navigate them, or what some of the terms used in reference to them are. This is a really cool idea to do an A-Z terms post, thanks!”

Comment #7

Made on 7/9/2010 on my fellow student Jessica’s Blog post on her blog Jes’s Blog and a post about Interning

“This is a really cool video Jessica! I know that I am going to be doing an internship soon so I find anything related to that topic very helpful and interesting. I like the list of qualities in the video: potential, maturity, leadership, drive, professionalism, confidence, flexibility, resilience, people skills, responsibility, entrepreneurial, friendly, and outgoing. I like to think that I fit all of those qualities. Ha! Confidence! This is a really good video because it tells you the qualities you need to have, what is expected of you, how to stand out, and other things straight from people who do the actual internships. So, awesome super helpful video!”

Comment #8

Comment made 7/9/2010 on Naked PR’s post How to Lose All Credibility When Posting a “Top” List

“First I want to say I really like your honesty. It is refreshing how truthful you are without regard to being “pc.” Also, I have to say the “Top 10” or whatever lists do get annoying and very repetitive. For my blog, which is done for my class however, we had to do a list of tips for blogging. So, maybe some people do them because they have to for whatever reason. I do find it funny your, “(because of course nobody else would),” many people do list themselves as #1. I like your style, and will definitely read more of your posts.”

Comment #9

Made on 7/9/2010 on POP! PR Jots post “Helping Others (Well, Students) for HAPPO”

“I really like this post. I am a young PR student. I am only just now getting into my public relations classes at Georgia Southern University. I find that having not only a professional’s opinion and help, but help of fellow students is wonderful. Also, I like how you said you are forming your army of PR students, very funny, good luck with that. I think that it is cool that you mentor students who you stay in touch with and that you yourself are still in touch with your mentor. I can only hope that when I am on the verge of graduating and need advice I will have someone there for me too.”

Comment #10

Comment made 7/9/2010 on my fellow student Nat’s blog post T.O.W. #5

“I hated Twitter when I first used it for a French class assignment. I did not understand it, nobody could explain it to me, and I really did not see the point. However, I not can see the relevance to public relations after tweeting not only for the week we had the assignment, but even after that. I am not getting much from tweeting myself, but from the people I follow. I am constantly learning new things from them, and even finding out about cool new products and stuff.

I just think that you have to give it multiple chances. I have a computer at home, which I do not get to do stuff on very much because I work almost every single day for about ten hours and only want to sleep when I get home. I understand it is hard…and it was difficult for me to do the amount of tweets required. I think that without the set amount it made me like Twitter easier. Also, TweetDeck is amazing.

I hope that you can learn to like Twitter eventually, only took me three tries.”

Comment #11

This comment was left on 7/11/2010 on my fellow student Allie’s blog post “Twilight Eclipse”

“I think that it is horrible that not as many people have shown up to watch Eclipse because of how badly they disliked New Moon. I think that the story line is a good one and that this movie was by far the best.

I think that they need to stress in their commercials that this movie is so much different than the rest and way better.

I definitely saw Eclipse twice with two different groups of friends and they all really enjoyed. I hope people who love the books all go and see it no matter how bad they thought the first two were!”

Comment #12

Comment made on 7/11/2010 on my fellow student Jackson’s blog post “PR Connection: Wanna Be A TJ?”

“Wow a Twitter DJ…interesting. I really wonder what that will be like and how that will work.

 I remember the VJ competition, and I have wonder if the winner of the TJ contest will last longer and be more well known than Alexa Chung. I feel like she didn’t get that much press when she won. America’s Next Top Model gets more press than she did.

 I will be interested to see how the TJ competition turns out. Maybe I will even tell one of my friends who has like 400 followers to enter in it, I think she could win.”

Comment #13

Made on 7/11/2010 on the blog post on Media Relations Blog.

“I am a PR student and our teacher had her whole class create blogs and start blogging. She told all of us that it is rising in popularity in the PR world and that we need to learn how to do it. I think that your four tips are very helpful and very simple. I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks now and have very few readers. I know that currently I am mostly writing about things like reading notes and school stuff, but if and when I start professionally blogging I will keep your tips in mind! Thanks!”

Comment #14

Made on 7/11/2010 to my fellow student Brianna’s post about Twitter

“I had problems when I first used Twitter for a French assignment, and never used it again until our assignment. What really made it easier for me and made me like it was TweetDeck.

TweetDeck made it so that I could choose what columns I wanted. I have a part where new posts are, where I can see mentions of me, a place for direct messages, and suggested people to follow. It really made a difference. 

I didn’t think anyone would not know what the @ or RT were, and was surprised how many people didn’t because that was the first thing I knew about Twitter before I ever got one. Maybe my roommate being addicted and sharing tweets with me paid off!”

Comment #15

7/11/2010 Left on my fellow student Brooks’ Blog post about our class assignment to listen to podcasts

“I read your post and went and listened to some of Marketing over Coffee’s podcasts. I really liked their them.I liked the iPads and Forklifts one the best.

 I also went into the assignment thinking it would be boring class lecture type podcasts that would put me to sleep. I listened to The Creative Career podcasts and I really enjoyed them. I put them on my iPod and listened to them at work when I was on break. I had never listened to or subscribed to any podcasts before the assignment.

 Now, I have five I am subscribed to so far. Adding Marketing over Coffee, that makes six.”