About Me

My name is Samantha Shockley, and I am a 20-year-old PR student at Georgia Southern University. I am 5′ 6.5″, and I have brown hair and blue-green eyes.Two posts on my main page have some information about me and my career goals. I want to be happy with life, and I hope to find a good job once I graduate in May 2012.

One of my co-workers once asked me what I want in life. Where most people would say money I said happiness. I really just want to be able to look back on my life and where I am and say I am truthfully happy. What are some of the components in life that would make me happy? Well, I want to find a kind, caring man to love, and I want to have a family with said man. One of my goals is to be able to support my children in the lifestyle my parents provided me with. Family is very important to me and just the joy of having one is a happiness.

As far as a job, just having one would be nice! Ideally, I want something that incorporates art and PR. I also love books and would enjoy working for a publishing house or maybe a magazine. The title of Creative Director or VP of Public Relations would be wonderful to have.

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