iPhone Apps That I Love! – For Real My Last Post on This Blog

So, I have an iPhone 4 after months of a crappy different phone I posted about last week.

These are the apps that I have and love:


Flashlight by Zentertain Ltd. – Truly you can use any flashlight app, but I just really liked this one

WellsFargo – find ATMs near you!

GSU – my schools app

Scan – everyone has to have a QR code reader




ESPN ScoreCenter

ColorEffects – for photos ❤ it

JustWink- greeting cards fun!

Redbox – reserve movies ahead of time!

iHeartRadio- musicccc, enough said


DrawSomething Free by OMGPOP – SO much fun! I love it

Mahjong – all of them are fun!

Angry Birds- I have Space, Seasons, Normal and Rio….I am an addict

Words with Friends – Zynga

Scramble with Friends – Zynga

Sol Free- solitaire game where you can play many different types of solitaire

Bananagrams – OMG love the game so had to get the app, hard to explain…kind of like scrabble but not really…I suggest reading up on it and playing it

Bejeweled Blitz – fun

Glass Tower2 – break blocks, but be careful that they do not fall off the sides!

Farkle – dice game, tons of fun!

DHangmanF – really ultimate hangman game I really enjoy it – easiest way to find this one is by searching DHangmanF which is why I put that 🙂

Sudoku – I have played a few different ones and like them all for the most part

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas by Disney – really cool pirate app where you go to different islands that you unlock as you level up and you do tasks. You can also battle other pirate ships!


Pose – really interesting app, kind of like Pinterest


Facebook Messenger


TweetDeck- Sometimes I use TweetDeck, but lately I have just been using the good old Twitter app

Etsy – I love the website and the app is great too, if you like Pinterest you will like Etsy!

Pinterest – If you do not know what this is check my post about it

Foursquare – love when places have deals for checking in!

FML – F$%^ my life moments that people have

TFLN- Texts from last night in case you didn’t know that- super hilarious

WordPress – for posts like this one!

LinkedIn – have to keep up with that professional world!

Float- by Scribd, I don’t really use it much…but it is a cool concept


ScoutMob – great deals at local places!

Starbucks – you can create drinks, upload gift cards, and pay from your phone

Allrecipes – great collection of recipes and easy to use app, uses less data than accessing the website

Urbanspoon- ❤

Yelp – find local places and read reviews

WholeFoods- recipes and shopping tool

Mixology – really fun tool, you can shake your phone and it will make a random drink or you can pick an ingredient you want in it and it will give you options


That is basically all of the ones I have right now 🙂


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