Reflection and the future

So the semester has come to an end. Time to reflect upon what this semester was all about…the highs and lows, what I’ve learned…

Well, I would have to say that this semester has given me a wealth of knowledge. I did not think it would be a very difficult semester as I was not taking very many classes. However, the classes I took were very difficult and time-consuming. The high of this semester would be my friends and having fun with them. I really got to have some great experiences this semester with them especially during spring break when I hit a low because of my Aunt Sue’s death. My friends took me to Stone Mountain the day of her service and we hiked up it. That was a huge high point in the semester because friends that I love wanted to cheer me up and it worked.

Some other highs were going bowling with friends, to movies, Savannah trips and more. We really spent this semester focusing on good times and memories when we hung out and even though we are all 22 I do not think at any point this semester we ever really went out drinking or anything. It was more about going bowling and playing trivia and having fun than anything else. I really enjoyed that aspect of this semester and I tended to need it after a week of stressful classes.

The lows of the semester were probably the all-nighters (and forgetting to put blog comments I made on other blogs on here…). At one point I slept for 6 hours in a period of 96 hours. It was horrible. I was in a campaigns class and we had tons of work to do and kept changing our minds on stuff. It was very stressful. Overall though presenting the campaign and finishing it was amazing and worth the stress. My jewelry, yes jewelry, class was also a ton of work. It was awesome to see the finished pieces, but the process of getting there was a pain.

Hopefully, a new high will be finding out on Monday that all of my jewelry sold in the Club Mud sale that is happening this weekend! That would mean I would get a nice check and the knowledge that people liked my work.

In all reality this semester was a very good one. It was one of the most stressful and hardest semesters, but I loved it. Now I am graduating in a week and it gives me very mixed feelings.

On one hand I am excited to graduate and proud of my accomplishments. On the other hand I am going to miss Georgia Southern and all of the great times I have had here. I’ll miss my friends who are not graduating too; my best friend is one of those who is not graduating. Also, this may seem teacher pet like, but I am going to miss some of my professors because I have had them for three or four years.

The knowledge I have gained being in one of the best public relations programs around will aid me in doing my best at my future jobs. I know that at some schools their programs are just public relations and communications. Here at Southern we took marketing, advertising, communication studies, communication arts, journalism, multi-media communications and more. Having a well-rounded curriculum will likely aid me in landing a good job.

Well, this is likely to be one of my last posts on this blog as I will probably start a new professional blog if I choose to have one in the future. So for the few people who read this goodbye!

Here is a really cool post you should all read if you like crayons:


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