General Post- Rant on AT&T

So, I had an iPhone at the beginning of this school year and then it got run over…long story.

I ended up going through all this crap with AT&T and them telling me they could not help me until finally someone was like, “We cannot give you another iPhone, but I can get you a different smart phone for free.” Needless to say I was all over that! The person did not clarify that it was a new two-year contract and I would be unable to get any other phone with an update until March of 2013. Not O.K. He told me that I could get an iPhone in August…lies.

So I ended up with this new phone, a Samsung, and I hated it. It would randomly turn on and off, vibrate when I had it set to never vibrate, force close apps, the mic was on the back of the phone so people could never hear me, it did not like my cars SYNC, adding music to it was a pain and the list goes on and on. So after a month I found out all of the above about the contract and whatnot and was pissed. My father was really angry and found out that I never verbally accepted the terms of a contract or anything; it should not have been binding. Yet, the people at AT&T said we were S.O.L.

My dad was angry and kept trying to figure something out until we broke down, and he had to add a new phone line to our plan to get me a phone I like. I am now paying that extra $10 a month, but the iPhone is worth it to me.


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