If I worked for the Braves

So this week we had to think about what we would do if we worked for a MLB team in order to get people in the stands.

Naturally, I had to think about if I worked for the Braves; they are my MLB team.

If they were winning I would play on that to get people in the stands. I would have commercials (radio and TV) and billboards about the Braves being winners. I would be sure to amp up social media use as well.

I think that having in-game contests makes it more interesting too. There could be one where if you tweet the best Braves photo of the day it gets on the big screen and the website. Ticket giveaways are always great. In general I would do everything to amp up Atlanta and visitors here to get them in the winning baseball spirit!

Now, if we were losing I would have discounts and even more contests. If it had been a REALLY bad season then I would ensure ticket prices went down just enough to keep the stadium close to full so we could still make enough profit to run everything. The ads in the community would be about loyalty and have to do with the years of history and tradition the Braves games have.

I think it would be a good job to have. This situation showcases PR as marketers/advertisers and I love that.



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