Dream Travel :)

The topic of this week is writing about where we would travel to if we had the money to do so, and why would we go there.

I have a few places that I am going to talk about, but really I want to go so many places and just explore the world and see how people live in different countries and just explore.

However, specifically I would want to go to Italy, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Russia, Canada and Hawaii.

The only three I really have reasons for wanting to go to that I could elaborate on are Italy, England and France.

I have been to Italy and I fell in love. I want to go back there so badly. I truly enjoyed just the history there. It was beautiful and everywhere you turned there was something ancient. I want to go back and spend more time in the art museums. I want to stay in Florence for a few weeks or more as it was my favorite place. I liked Rome, but not as much as Florence. I would also want to go back to Naples and tour Pompeii again. Plus, Italian food is delicious and when you are there you do so much walking and have such a healthier lifestyle you don’t gain weight.

One of the other places I want to go is England. I want to go here just because of all of the movies and pop culture and I guess because it is our “motherland” for the most part. I think that learning about it for so many years impacted my desire to go there.

The other place that I can elaborate upon as far as my reasoning for wanting to visit is France. I have taken multiple years of French and am close to being fluent when I am actively using my skills. I want to go to France in order to immerse myself in the culture and become fluent. I also want to go to see all of the sites I learned about in art classes and to sample the food.

Ah, I just really have a the travel bug.


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