Where would I take you if you visited Statesboro?

My favorite things to do in Statesboro changes depending on the season. Honestly, I love going to the movies in Sweetheart circle when Eagle Entertainment does them. Those make up one of my favorite things to do.

Although, that is not something that happens all the time. In general, if someone came here I know where I would take them. I would plan a day where we would go to a sports event, then we would go eat. Hopefully the day would have enough time that we could go downtown to FreeSpirit Pottery and Design to paint something. My favorite sporting events would be of course GSU ones (I only attend the football and baseball games though).

I feel like that would showcase my Statesboro pretty well. I go to sporting events, out to eat and downtown a lot.

If I had tons of time we would go out to eat at El Som, Millhouse, Chops and Holidays for sure. I would want to show someone how we eat out when we can. You know, we are poor college kids and cannot always afford to go out.

I spend a good bit of time at community service events, school events and sorority events as well. Those are three things very important to me. Showing someone the things that make Statesboro home to me would always be the first things I would do…so, I guess that means I would have to take them to Wal-Mart right?


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