Taking it back…to freshman year

If I could go back to freshman year at Georgia Southern I would probably change quite a few things, but they would be small ones I cannot remember.

I feel that if I changed things freshman year than I would not have ended up where I am today, and I would not trade many of the experiences I have had since freshman year for anything.

Many of the friends I had freshman year are gone or we parted ways, but through them I learned so much. Do I sometimes wish things went differently? Of course.

I became a part of Omega Phi Alpha, a national service sorority, fall of freshman year and have been a part of it ever since. I have volunteered with so many different organizations and had so many great experiences through OPA that I would not have gotten otherwise. I would not have known about OPA if it had not been for some of those friends that I have since lost touch with.

Overall, everything happens for a reason, and I know that sounds corny. Everyday I have conversations or certain things happen and I will wish I could change it or take it back, but really I don’t know if I would.


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