TOW: Advantages and Diasadvantages of Social Media

OOO isn’t this a great topic?


(photo source:

I have touched on this in the past and how companies can utilize social media.

I want to go into the individual aspect for a moment.

I feel that some advantages of using social media are:

  • It keeps you connected
  • It can be a great way to find new products
  • A good business tool to build your professional relations (when used correctly)
  • Entertainment
  • Meeting new people

Some Disadvantages:

  • Can create a lack of privacy that many do not consider when they are using it
  • Bullying
  • Spelling and grammar errors abound
  • Huge distraction possibilities
  • Can damage your reputation if you post/say the wrong thing

Overall, it is great that people have Facebook and Twitter to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, keep up to date on what their favorite companies are, make new connections, self-promote, etc. However, one really has to consider what they are putting out there.

Once you put something out on these sites, and the internet in general, it is there for good even if you delete it.


(photo credit: CNBC)

Say you add some professional contacts to your friends on FB and your followers/followed on Twitter. Then one day you put what you think is a funny joke, but someone takes it as racist or as your personal feelings. They may not say anything about it, but they will remember it. Then a few weeks later you post a questionable picture, then a few status updates or tweets about getting drunk or high and finally a very angry negative tweet and FB post. If these professionals see this, and they are likely to, because it is in their most recent tweets/news feed they may not always go look at your profile or full list of tweets. So, if they just see those and few acceptable ones they will likely lose respect for you and your reputation could be damaged.

Bad spelling and grammar could reflect poorly upon you too. It is ok to have some spelling and grammar errors on Twitter due to the limited amount of characters. If you are not limited please, please, please check your spelling and grammar!


(photo source:

If you are not a PR person or someone who’s job it is to monitor social media or post to the different platforms, but you are always on your social media sites then it could be a huge distraction in the workplace. It could also be a distraction in personal life. I cannot recall how many commercials or stories I have seen about two people being on a date and one of them is constantly checking FB or Twitter on their phone (ladies especially, this is listed as one of the top turn-offs for men in multiple magazines).

And who has not heard about all of the cyber-bullying? It is terrible and is not how social media should be used.

For businesses one of the best advantages is ROI. I liked this picture (source cited in pic):


So I say use social media!! But, be careful! I believe I posted awhile back some rules for social media…find that post and follow those rules please!

Tweet, post, check-in, etc to your hearts desire!


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