TOW: Dream Job

So, I have really been thinking about this all week…and really a lot longer than that. What is my dream job?

I have been having interviews over the past few weeks and trying to apply for jobs and get a job. Honestly, I have been asked in those interviews “if you are working in a job where you are truly happy and at home what is that job?” I just know that job would be one where I could mix going out and seeing clients or other workers outside of the office with desk work like research. I would be involved in something that ties in public relations. I have honestly learned so much about this field and what it truly is and am in love with it.

Public relations is more than just news releases; it is marketing, advertising, communications, and so much more.

It is such a diverse and varying field that has taught me so much.

I really cannot pinpoint an ideal dream job. I would like to start somewhere where I could work my way up in my career. Working for a PR Firm would be great because then you have multiple clients so it is ever-changing. There would never be a dull day. I would get to create campaigns for multiple companies and I would plan events and it would be perfect.

I could also work for an event planning company which would be great.

I have a background in art so could do something with an art gallery or museum. Maybe I could be like a creative director of a magazine one day.

No matter what I want to work with people and love my job, that is what makes it a dream job. As long as I like it and when I have kids I can give them the same upbringing I was given then I will be happy.

As for competing with others who are trying to get the same job(s) as me I would stand out by being myself. I think that some people tend to be fake at interviews and I am not. I am always bubbly and energetic and have been told I have an infectious personality that makes people want to be my friend instantly. That makes people like me and makes them comfortable. I also have an outstanding resume that covers most everything anyone would want to know and is still only one page. I usually do pretty well in interviews.

I have an extensive work background that is diverse just like my major. I really think my people skills will work to my advantage.

Let’s hope applying for all of these jobs and having all of these interviews I am having will yield themselves to my dream job.

*nervously awaiting graduation and having fingers crossed that I get a job before or right after graduation*



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