TOW: PINTEREST!! Addiction, PR tool, Fad?


So, this weeks topic of the week was (drumroll) you guessed it! Pinterest! The fastest growing social media site!

I personally have an account and am on it all the time. I even have the app for my phone (it crashes a lot).

I think Pinterest is addictive and I love it. I do not see the phenomenon that is Pinterest going away anytime soon. I truly feel that the site is a great way for people to interact and share their ideas without bounds. It is pictures not so much words which leads to some people being more adventurous with their pins.


I have said since the beginning that it could be a great business tool and used in PR. I remember this summer doing a PRChat on Twitter and tweeting that I felt that PInterest could be a useful PR tool and that I knew some companies using it. I was asked by one of the professionals leading this chat why and could I list examples?

It is simple, I first noticed it with’s Pinterest. She pins series of pins about one company, a collection, a color, a fad, an emerging fashion trend, a specific type of food, etc. She links to company pages and lists prices on the pins. This is great for those companies!

From there I noticed just how many pins link back to websites. I know I have bought things from seeing them on Pinterest. This is great! PR professionals could pin things from their multitude of clients and even from personal favorites. One could have a whole board devoted to a client.

I think it is a great way to do PR. I know that I simply commented on a random pin that I knew how to make what was pinned and got an email from a woman asking if I could make her one and she could buy it! You can explore just the pinners that you follow and their pins or you can explore everything. You can even narrow it down to a topic.

The following is a screenshot of my Pinterest boards. Want an invite?! I’ll invite you!


I love Pinterest and have probably invited over 75 or so people who in turn invite all of their friends. I recommend it to fellow foodies because I and others pin great recipes, to workout fanatics because there are tons of workouts on there, fashionistas because there are tons of pins about fashion, etc. I do warn them that it is addictive.


I know I will go on Pinterest at least once a week. Everytime I get on there I always say, “I am just going to click fetch more pins one more time.” I click it like five times.

I think it is genius!

Follow my boards by clicking this link:


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