The Love is in the Air…Or Not. Valentines Day!

So, this past week held a holiday that receives by far (in my opinion) the most complaints and hatred of all of the holidays. Valentine’s Day.

To some Valentine’s Day brings good memories… to others not so much.

I personally think of Valentine’s Day as a day to be with loved ones in general. Who cares if you are single? Hangout with your friends and family! They are loved ones right? Or just go spoil yourself with something nice!

I have never in my 22 years of life had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I do not feel like I am missing out on much. Even if I want a boyfriend, why should a holiday increase that want? How is seeing couples loving each other on Valentine’s Day any different from any other day?

Well, enough about the day itself. One reason I do not feel left out is gifts. Yep, the Valentine’s Day gift delima is about to be discussed!

I cannot count the number of times guy and girl friends have asked what to get for their significant other. “We’ve only been together a short while, and I do not want to freak them out by buying something extravagant. But, I don’t want to get something too small and it not be enough.” That is the usual problem with my friends or from my guys at 11:45 the night before Valentine’s (not that you will read this, but just in case, I love you all!), “Oh crap! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Go with me to Wal-Mart to grab some sort of flower thing and whatever else I should get!”

Some people plan, some do not. One of my friends posted on Facebook: “Dear guys out at Wal-Mart buying flowers for your girlfriend at 2 a.m. on Valentine’s, she will know you waited until the last minute because all of the flowers are dead or wilting. I almost feel bad for you.”

I think it would still be the thought that counts.

So, for my actual Topic of the Week for class: Worst and best gifts received on Valentine’s? If you like it or hate it do you let the gift giver know? If you are a company in the Valentine’s business how do you get people to buy from you over the competition?

Ok, so my dad, mom, and best friend are my Valentine’s. Best gift ever was from my dad. He surprised me with a bouquet of pink ballerina carnations (my fav) at school. It was so sweet! I always love the gifts they give me. I usually get super sweet cards that make me cry, and in the words of my roommate people like me are the reason that Hallmark is successful. I also get teddy bears, candy, cards, flowers and sometimes gift cards. I love them all!

WORST GIFT EVER was when this guy who I did not want to talk to called me at like 8 p.m. on Valentine’s Day and asked if I could open the door. Yes, he was at my house on my front doorstep. Creepy. I opened the door and he had dead flowers and a box of gummy bears. He gave them to me and then hugged me goodbye. Have you ever been hugged by someone who you do not want hugging you so you stand there like a statue? Yea, I did that. He kept hugging me for 5 minutes. That ordeal was the worst ever.

If I ever received a gift I did not like on Valentine’s I probably would not even process that I did not like it. Just giving something is super sweet regardless of what it is. Now, not getting anything and having a steady boyfriend or something I would have to say something about that.

Last question! If I was part of a company trying to beat out my competition on Valentine’s I would have to say I would do a ton of research. I would know that the other companies campaigns were and try to make mine different. They key is to offer something new or different or present it in a new way.

I would offer guaranteed Feb. 14 delivery on any online orders, and offer gift wrapping. I would have tons of funny, serious, loving cards from a multitude of possible relations (i.e. from dad, mom, sibling, lover). The cards I had would also be available in a cheaper e-card format. I would also have some cards and gifts that were marked and 15% of the proceeds from those sales would go to a charity; who doesn’t love cause marketing? I would also want to be a business with everything. A business where events and holidays are my specialty. Thus, I would have a bakery, card company, novelty item store and florist. That would make my company a one-stop-shop.

The website would have different tabs/pages for the different areas of the business. Then one would have the option of having all items delivered in the same day or separately.

I would have all of this advertised as general webpage ads, Facebook ads, posted to our companies social media sites, on TV and anywhere else the budget allowed. The key would be to have the customer bombarded with our company name in a way that they do not realize it. Thus, they do not get annoyed by our commercials/ads, and maybe do not even realize that these items are the reason they decided to choose my company.

I think that being/doing all of that would make my company a little better than some competitors.


My Valentine’s Day this year: Roomie/best friend and I exchanged gifts, got a card from my dad and family friend, got phone calls from them and my mom, got a chocolate rose from my pledges, and took it back in time with my friends by making Valentine’s mailboxes out of shoeboxes and then we all gave everyone Valentine’s while enjoying delicious sweets.

*The first two images are from someecards. I love their stuff! The carnation one was on Google Images, I could not find one I liked of ballerina carnations, they are just smaller.  Carnations are my fav because they are cute and last! The last photo I found on Bing Images, no credit, but it looks just like the box I made!


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