Jewelry 1

All of my life I have done some form of fine art. From fingerpainting to pinch pots on to printmaking and jewelry classes.


When I first started at Georgia Southern I was a studio art major. I decided to change to public relations because a) I love people and b) it seemed like not only a good fit for me, but a more practical life choice.

Once I switched my major I was no longer taking art classes and found I missed it. I crafted a little in my spare time and found that it made me happier. It is my greatest strees reliever.

In comes Jewelry!


Now I am in my senior year and graduating in May. So, what senior wouldn’t take an elective they love?

Thus, I am enrolled in Jewelry 1 and LOVE it! Below is a picture of my first assignment, a fibula. I did not take a picture of the final piece; this was my first try.


I quite like it. Our newest project is to make two rings. One ring is to be a band ring and the other is to be a sculptural ring with a cabochon stone set in a bezel. I am so enjoying this class :).

**All photos are mine and of my creations :). The first two photos are just my playing around with wire in my spare time/between working on my fibula and ring. The coloration on the “Love” piece was done by brushing on liver of sulfur, letting it sit a few minutes, and then rinsing the piece off.



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