Book or Movie?

For our social media class we have been asked about books vs. movies. Do you see the movie first or read the book first? Or do you just do one? Are there any adaptations of books to movies you really like?

Those questions are tough for me. I have thought all week about my answer. Honestly I do not have a preference. I love books and movies.

However, if it comes down to it in general I think that the book tends to be better than the movie. I am usually bummed by a lot of movies that are based off of books. Some, you expect to be like the book, but they end up being very very loosely adapted from the book. Other times the characters seem wrong, or the scenes are done out of order. It just is not how one imagines things when reading.

I always read the book before the movie. That may color my feelings towards this topic. The one time I read the book after seeing the movie was with Atonement by Ian McEwan. I was sorely disappointed in both, but they did not follow each other very well.

My favorite adaptation from book to film has to be Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly. I feel that they followed the book very well and the characters acted how I thought they should.


I realize now after typing that that Keira Knightly was in both films, and I find that ironic that my least favorite and favorite film adaptations involve her.

I also enjoyed, regardless of the many flaws and changes to the flow of the book for film, Harry Potter. All of them really did a great job of bringing the world of Harry Potter to life in film. They have discrepancies with the books, but when so much work and detail went into making the movie literally BE the world of Harry Potter, I cannot truly criticize.

So, in essence I much prefer the book to the movie versions. I enjoy both usually, the book just has the ability to be…more.

So, what do you think?


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