Bucket List

So, what is on my bucket list?

Well I really don’t have a long one. I made a list once of 60 things to do before 60. They aren’t really like a bucket list though. It has things like kiss in the rain, fall head over heels in love, help a stranger, etc. Maybe one day I will post it on here.

However, I would say a bucket list contains things that aren’t going to happen in everyday life that you want to achieve/do before you die.

I feel I could add lots of things, but it’s difficult to think of things I really want to do before I die that are not small or simple.

So, here is mine as of today:

  • Go back to Italy and stay for a month.
  • Go to France and tour France becoming fluent in French in the process (I’ve had 3 years of honors French in HS and 2 college level French classes).
  • Get over my fear of heights.
  • Go somewhere completely out of my comfort zone.
  • Own a bookstore.

Why are these on my bucket list?

I went to Italy for a week the summer after my freshman year of high school. I loved it. I want so badly to go back. The people, the art, the culture, the food, the shopping and all of it is just amazing.

Being fluent in French is something I would love. To truly be fluent I feel one must go to that country and be immersed in the language (and who wouldn’t want to go tour France with the art, food, and history?).

I have been unable to do a few fun things my friends have done because of my fear, and I do not want it to hold me back for life.

Going out of my comfort zone would be a way to discover more about me. You can learn a lot about a person by how they handle situations that are unfamiliar.

Finally, I want to own a bookstore. I imagine in my head a small bookstore with a nice backroom where there is a coffee maker, a teapot, and a fridge (gotta have some comforts). I imagine that when one walks in they can see the main desk towards the back of the store.

There are bookshelves on either side of the door and desk, there is a spiral staircase up to the second floor which has more books. I would have a pet (dog or cat) that would come with me. Yes, there would be a sign on the front door to inform people that a pet was inside. Overall, it would be really cozy with little reading alcoves and just a very calm atmosphere.

I figure this is something that if it were to happen would be when I am older and retired.

Well, I told you my bucket list. So, what’s on yours?


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