I’m off of hia…

I’m off of hiatus! (insert applause)

I am in my final semester at Georgia Southern Unviersity. It is terrifying and thrilling all at the same time to think that in May I will be graduating and heading out into the “real world” to find my career.

I think that many people are terrified at this point in their life. All of the “what ifs” are scary. The not knowing is a big part of that. I truly feel the only way I wouldn’t be terrified would be if when I walk across that stage in Paulson Stadium and graduate I have a job lined up. Having that security is important.

So this semester I am truly going to try to figure out, “How does one successfully get a good job before graduation?” Before finding a career the jobs you typically apply for are things like retail and they have an application. You fill it out turn it in and wait to hear back.

For “big kid jobs” it is a little different. With the economy having been bad many businesses have not recovered, and they may not be hiring. Having an in with a company, like knowing someone who knows someone who can give you an interview, is everything. Thus, I think a huge part is networking.

Aside from that the knowledge that I have had an interview with a public relations agency in Atlanta, Ga. and got rave reviews helps. They may not have any jobs, but getting an email saying I did excellent on the grammar exam, came up with a solid start to a crisis campaign within the time given, and have an impressive resume was a definite ego boost. Now I just have to find more interviews…preferably with companies who are hiring.

Still, the thought of not finding something is always there to terrify you just a little bit.

So, for now I shall blog about my final semester and my social media class.

One little pr note to close this out:

Keep in mind that in business and personal life if someone has a bad experience they are going to tell 10 more people about their experience for every one they would tell if they had a great experience. Customer relations is everything.

Toodles, Au revoir, Bye for now, thanks for reading, I’ll post again soon…and all those other endings 🙂



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