Pepsi Refresh

Pepsi has been giving away money to people and organizations with “refreshing” ideas.

People and companies can post their ideas on changing the world one step at a time to the refresh site. Then it is up to the world to vote! At the end of each month the top ideas will be announced and the funding will be given to support their idea.

To visit the website and see for yourself some of the ideas go to and vote! Voting closes for this month soon!

There are multiple categories that you can choose from to view the ideas. You can have the ideas on shuffle or in order of ranking, and you can also have them sorted by the proposed funding needed: 5K, 25K, 50K, and 250K. The areas are: Health, Arts & Culture, Food and Shelter, The Planet,  Neighborhoods, and Education.

It is a wonderful idea in my opinion and it gets everyone involved in making small changes to better the world.

A video about the project is available on the site too!



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