CH. 12-14 Reading Notes

Ch. 12 Tapping the Web and New Media

Top Sites:

  2. MySpace. 
  3. Facebook. 
  4. Twitter. 
  5. Blogger.
  6. Technorati.
  7. YouTube.
  8. Flickr.
  9. Wikipedia. 
  10. Digg.
  11. Second Life.

Two things that are unique about the web is that it is interactive and can be updated quickly.

Ch. 14 Writing E-mail, Memos, and Proposals

The four different purposes of email are to:

1.      Reduces the cost of employee communications
2.      Increases the distribution of messages to more employees
3.      Flattens the corporate hierarchy
4.      Speeds decision-making

Things to make sure of when writing:

completeness-make sure you have all of your necessary information

conciseness-be brief, less is more

correctness-be accurate-make sure to have all names, places, quotes, etc. correct

courtesy-be courteous, some relationships are personal, others not so much

All informatin can be found here:


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