TOW 12: Podcasts

I have been listening to the The Creative Career and Inside PR podcasts on iTunes since this summer when my teacher has us do an assignment about podcasts, which hello we are doing again.

I found two podcasts really interesting, one from each.

In The Creative Career I listened to an interview with Catherine Hudon, co-founder of Shorty Clothing. In the interview she talked about how she used to be a music performance major and wanted to idealy be a performer. In reality she realized her junior year that she needed to do something different so she double majored in business.

When asked about how she got into her career she stated that it all started kind of by coincidence. She was managing bands of friends in college and ran into an owner of a music magazine who said he wanted to send someone down to do a piece on the band. She ended up getting offered a job with the magazine as a music writer and became a music editor and then when she burntout she ended up getting a job in advertising and things just happened from there.

She is a producer for different platforms and takes other creative visions and brings them to life.

In Inside PR they were mostly just talking about random things for awhile. Then they got into an interesting topic. Twitter.

To tweet or not to tweet? They had a conversation about whether or not it is beneficial or harmful to business for either you as a pr agent or your company to use twitter. I personally think that it can be. They brought up that you have to be careful because if you work for multiple companies then you post a link for something cool that one does, if it competes with another clients company then is it ok?

I think that if you are linking to one companies stuff then you just have to link to the competitors/other client’s too. I thought it was rediculous when one of them said that they cannot say they are eating at Einstein’s if they work for Dunkin Doughnuts. I think that you can say you ate there and it was good, just don’t say it was better! 

On podcasts in general:

Listening to podcasts can be helpful to PR students because you can listen to a podcast by a professional that details their day or has an interview they did. Also, several professionals have podcasts that will have helpful hints, tricks, and advice for people interested in a career in public relations.

Added to that it can be a good marketing tool, you interview someone about a book they wrote, people get interested, and people go buy it.

For new practitioners of PR it can be helpful to listen to podcasts to see what others in your field are doing. It can be helpful to see what they are doing and maybe follow in their footsteps.

I think that it would be a great idea for someone like me, a PR student to create a podcast now follow it through the rest of college and my learning experiences and internship, and then on into when I am starting out in my career. Then other students could listen and see what I, or whoever did said podcast, was doing and learning and compare.


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