Ch. 9 Writing for Radio and Television

Radio releases are different from television because there is not picture or people to be seen, only heard.

Announcements for radio need to be around 30-60 seconds. 30 seconds is about 75 words, 60 seconds is more like 150 words.

For radio a conversational style of writing is usually used and there is emphasis on strong, short sentences (kind of like blogging huh?)

For a video news release you should have four components:

  • 90 second news report with voiceover narration on an audio channel separate from that containing soundbites and natural sound
  • Extra soundbites and B-roll
  • Clear identification of the video source
  • Script, spokespeople information, media contacts, and story background information provided electronically

VNR’s are not inexpensive, they cost a minimum of 20-50K to produce and distribute. Radio releases are usually around 4K to produce and distribute.

PSA’s (public service announcements) are unpaid announcements that promote programs of government or nonprofit agencies that serve the publics interests.

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