Ch. 8: Selecting Publicity Photos

There are many components of a good photo.

Technical Quality- photos should have a good resolution to begin with as they will most likely be resized, also there should be good contrast and sharp details

Subject Matter- there are static photos like of execs and then there are photos of things like ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings

Composition- usually photographer should move in closer to the main subject eliminating background that is not essential to the photos message

Action- action is important because it gives the reader the idea that something is happening right then and there. Someone talking, gesturing, laughing, running, etc. generates more interest than a picture of someone just sitting there.

Scale- with inanimate objects the picture should contain something that is of known size for reference

Camera Angle- interest can be achieved through unusual camera angles too. Starbucks shooting pictures for them carrying Naked juice from inside the refrigerator created interest because it was unusual.

Lighting and Timing- indoor pictures often need flash to turn out correctly. Photographers often will use supplemental lighting to get the desired effect.

Color-Sometimes images look better in black and white and sometimes they look better in color. With the technology today it is simple to take a color image and make it black and white/ grayscale.

All information from this book :


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