Newsworth or Not?

There are many factors that make a story newsworthy.

The writer must always be aware of what will appeal to media gatekeepers.

Timeliness, Prominence, Proximity, Significance, Unusualness, Human Interest, Conflict, and Newness are seven appealing characteristics that help make a story newsworthy.

Timeliness refers to how current a story is. In today’s world of instant news a public relations writer, or any writer for that matter, must stay current in order to be heard.

Prominence can be multiple things. It can be you having the presence of a huge celebrity at you grand opening or announcement. The award photograph is another good way to generate news, people find others getting honored or rewarded to be interesting. Prominence can also extend to business and not just people. If there is a huge company like IBM that does something it is going to generate more media attention that a locan business.

Proximity has to do with how relevant it is to the area. If you live in New York, you probable dont give two hoots what is going on in Statesboro, Ga.

Significance is any situation or event that can affect a substantial number of people.

Unusualness is just a wow factor. If there is something different or strange about a topic then it makes news.

Human Interest could be anything that grabs attention. It can be things like a kid drowning or Katy Perry’s love life.

Conflict is usually rivalries/conflicting ideas from two different companies. Reporters will sometimes get a quote from one company and ask the other how it feels.

Newness refers to new products in advertisements. The new and improved iPad or updated software are examples.

And those are the main things that make a story newsworthy,

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