TOW 9: PR OpenMic

This week I joined OpenMic and mostly just played around with it.

I did not really post anything other than a little bit of essential information about me. I wanted to get a feel for the network.

There are a lot of things you can do on PR OpenMic, and it kind of reminds me of Facebook.

You can create a profile and groups and events. The groups and events kind of work together. If you have a group of people who like one thing like an artist, then you can create events for different things, like award shows and concerts, that involve that artist. It is a good way to stay connected to people with the same personal interests as you.

It is also my newest way to find blogs to comment on for our class. 🙂

Another cool feature is that there is a link for jobs/internships which is really cool. You can search for a job or internship near where you live or by occupation. Also you can upload your resume! I know that in order to fulfill requirements for graduation I am going to have to do an internship, and this will be a good place to start.

The other thing about the jobs and interviews tab is the fact that internships are required, but jobs can count as an internship. If you have a working internship then you get paid for fulfilling a school requirement!

Another great thing about it is that if you get a good internship or job while you are still in school is that when you graduate you can either add it to your resume, or if you do a really good job then they may decide to offer you a post-grad job.

Obviously, based on what I spent most of my time elaborating on the jobs/internships tab is my favorite feature or PR OpenMic and is honestly the one thing that makes me really glad my teacher has us join it.


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