TOW #7 Twitter

So, once again for my pr class I had to do a week of Twitter. This time was not too much different. It was less informative and fun than last time.

I had already discovered TweetDeck, already followed some of my classmates and some of the professionals, and in general had already learned how to work Twitter to my advantage.

I had the continues experience that Twitter is very important to public relations. I would not have thought so before having to do it this summer. I did not know all about hashtags and how people would access your tweet.

So many people other than those that follow you see your tweet! I know I posted something about study abroad, I am thinking about it but have a kitten :(, and I had two tweets with me tagged in them almost instantly! Multiple companies who do study abroad were encouraging me, and this one guy told me if I had any questions to just ask!

It is things like that that made me grow to love Twitter. I know from multiple blog posts I have read that many find people who like the instant gratification of things like Twitter and Facebook lazy. However, I just like knowing someone read it! People do not always give you feedback on your blog.

It is alot easier to “like” on Facebook and “follow” or tag on Twitter than it is to type up a 100 word response saying how you like the blog post and why.

I think that through my experience with Twitter this summer and again last week I know that I will never not like Twitter. It is simply to beneficial due to the instant gratification. I know that it really is something that can be used, if done correctly, by pr professionals.


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