CH. 5 Writing the News Release

A smart media release will include things like high-resolution photos and graphics, video, and audio components.

There are 5 types of news releases:

  •  announcements
  • spot announcements
  • reaction stories
  • bad news
  • local news

The traditional e-mail news release is about 400 words, but the new standard for e-mail release is fewer than 200 words. Shorter news releases have a better chance of making it past the editor without getting changed too much.

When you’re planning a news release you should ask these basic questions:

  • What’s the subject
  • Who is the message designed to reach
  • What are the potential benefits and rewards
  • What’s the goal of the organization pursuing
  • What do you want to achieve with the news release
  • What key messages should this news release highlight

All information from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed.


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