Blog Comments Fall 2010

This is where I will be posting my blog comments that I make on PR professionals and PR students blogs. Enjoy reading what I think!

#1 This comment was left on September 23, 2010 at VR Marketing Blog on the post “Use Buttons instead of Links and increase your Clicks” by Janine Popick:

“Interesting theory. I would not have thought about links vs. buttons.

I will definitely keep it in mind for when I really enter public relations after graduation. I think that it has merit.I know when I go to websites a lot of them have buttons instead of links now. I never really considered the why.

Maybe if I can figure out how to put buttons on my blog I will try it out and see if more people comment, or go to websites I would normally link to. Have you found anything out about pictures with links attached to them? That is kind of like a button minus the action words.”

#2 Comment made on VerticalResponse’s post “How to track your company and what people are saying” on September 29, 2010

“I think that Twitter and Facebook to expand your business is a good thing. I used Twitter for the first time over the summer for my public relations class, and I was working for Estee Lauder and I got an event retweeted by a few people!

I adore TweetDeck, it is the best, and it was a lifesaver when I first started out with Twitter. I did not know how people tracked when others mentioned them on Twitter, but now I do! I only knew before who mentioned me directly.

I never thought about how to do Google Alerts. I would probably jump up and down in glee if I had a business and it got talked about with growing regularity. I think it is definitely smart to add in alerts about your competitors.

Thanks for all of your advice I hope to have a sincere need for it sometime soon!”

Comment #3 This comment was left on October 20, 2010 on Kison Turner’s blog post “PR Connections #4”

“The big thing is that certain people can pay facebook to give them unlimited access to your profile.

The national board of the service organization I am in has done this, and they go through our photos and other things that we have made private to make sure we are not making our organization look bad.

We have a strict drug and alcohol policy too so, anyone who puts a picture up on facebook and is under 21 and what they are drinking is even mildly suspicious they will call our local chapter and tell them to reprimand us.

I think that what I post is my own business. How does any organization, for work or school, know what I mean by what I post? I feel that facebook getting in trouble for privacy issues is a good thing, they should. Selling my information to whoever wants it is beyond uncool, it could even be a safety issue.

Way to go on posting a blog post about something that gets everyones attention and is a big PR fiasco.”

#4 made on October 20, 2010 on Mike Sanson’s blog post “Are Blogging and Commenting Still Important Tools in Social Media?”

“This is a really good post and a good question.

I am a junior public relations student at Georgia Southern University, and my teacher makes us create blogs.

She believes, like you do, that they are fundamental to your social media identity. She thinks they are critical in public relations.

I personally have a hard time creating posts that we are required to do, but I love posting links to things I have read or sharing my knowledge.

I think that for me I get alot of information from blogs, but right now being new to blogging, it is not for me.

The same teacher also has us get a Twitter account and use it for at least a week. If used right it is a good source for marketing and pr.

Blogs really are better for a larger message since you have a way to explain what your post is and extend it. 140 words on Twitter is nothing.

It is good to see other people having the same opinion as my teachers!”

#5 made on Sharen Gaudin’s blog post “Social media sucks up 23% of time online”

“I think that I can definitely see that as true. For me, personally, I would say social media is almost 75% of what I do online.

I am a junior public relations student so social media is a world that is being explored in the pr field.

My teachers have had us create and maintain a blog, post to twitter, and listen to podcasts.

Before getting involved in my major I was on facebook a good deal of my online time. Now, I spend more time online than before (maybe 3hrs a day if not more) and it is all due to school.

I am not addicted to any of the social networks and will often go a day or two without even accessing the internet.

However, social media is becoming a fast growing tool in many professions and I think that it will continue to climb in the percentage of online time that it takes up.

Thank you though for posting this, it comforts me to know others spend alot of their time social networking too!”

#6 made on October 20, 2010 to Julie Wilson’s post “Follow me, teases Twitter”

“That is so crazy! I wonder how many people actually would get follow me hosiery. I personally do not think I would because of the stalker invite, and the fact that I am not that desperate for followers.

Perhaps, if I worked for Twitter, I would wear them alot just to create a buzz. If more people wore them then it could work. People would begin talking about it, and then it could generate more people getting Twitter accounts. I personally got one and never used it until I created a new one for my pr class.

Since using it for pr I have noticed that tweets get a good deal of attention if you tag something relatively popular in them i.e. Twitter. Twitter itself should tweet about the hose! That would get people curious!”

#7 made on October 20, 2010 on Cait Bailey’s blog post “Get the door. It’s Dominos.”

“Oh my gosh! I remember seeing the original video and being shocked. However, I did have a friend who worked at a seedy subway in Atlanta and saw a guy um…add a little man to the mayonnaise one day. She reported it and he got fired and nobody ever ate it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that for some reason people like effing with other people’s food.

I think it is horrible and gross. However, Domino’s did the right thing in firing them and then releasing a public statement.

I do think that they should have done something before a million views though. I mean I would have people for my company constantly searching YouTube, and many other social sites in order to be alerted to things like that when they first come up.”

#8 made on Alicia Addisons blog post “A fast food frenzy that doesn’t disappear fast”

“That is nasty! Good thing McDonald’s released a statement in response to it! That shows that they have a good crisis management team.

I personally have had a guy friend who left a burger under his bed for three weeks and it rotted, and smelt really nasty, and grew multiple types of mold on it. It was nasty, and magically he didn’t notice it and thought it was just the way his room smelt until I found it. Soooo nasty. 

Oh, by the way he cleaned it not I. 

But, that is my proof that they do rot, however, sometimes there could be a plastic patty in there and many people would never know. I guess that is another reason to not eat it! 

I go for the chicken, the apples and yogurt thing, or a salad when I go. Please tell me they did not do an experiment on the chicken! I do not want to know! :)”

#9 made on October 20, 2010 to Brianna Wagenbrenner’s post “Newsworthy or Not?”

“Hey! We learned about this in a marketing sense in my marketing class before I dropped it. The way our teacher explained it was super helpful.

She told us that we have a gatekeeper for Georgia Southern who decides who gets to sponsor us and get there names put around campus. We ended up talking about the way they market to GSU.

The companies that want to come here will send free things and provide food. Our teacher brought up the fact about how hard it is to deal with the ethics problem.

If you accept them then you feel like you own that company the ability to come here. When companies just send things with no choice our teacher said that they will find them in the break room.

So, I find it interesting that the gatekeeper idea stretches throughout communication in marketing and human comm and mass comm!”

#10 made on Stephanie Thomas’s blog post “Unlovable Asian” on October 20, 2010

“Oh my! That is horrible! I think it is crazy that some people are getting to the point where in their minds they need to be diverse so they take it upon themselves to separate from their race. I know plenty of my friends who WILL NOT date within their own race.

I personally feel like you should five everyone a chance whether they are in your race or not it should not matter. It should all be based on who you are attracted to.

So, yea he can change the way he markets himself, take the Asian status out of his profile, or just wait until he finds someone who loves him for him.

I do not date much so I am no expert, but I leave my options open and I just know that so far I mostly am attracted to my own race so I would be more likely to search them out.

However, if I were online I would search personality not race! The Asian women not looking at him because he is Asian is stupid.”

#11 made on Briana Patrick’s post “T.O.W5: Avoiding Plagarism” on October 20, 2010

“One of my teachers gave me a 40 on a paper because he did not believe I went to an event. He thought I made up the whole thing! I was so mad because it happened to be something that I go to every year in my hometown (called Snellville Days) and was even a part of the event’s parade at one time.

So, my lesson was that even if you cite sources, if you do not have enough information for certain stories that is different than other peoples your credibility can be called into question.

The only thing that I had that other news coverage did not was a personal connection, and a woman who comes to Snellville Days just to get some cookies from this one woman who brings them and has a booth with all sorts of baked goods each year.

Moto: do not plagarize, attribute, and have extra random facts that are found nowhere else.”

#12 made on October 20, 2010 to the post “A blow to my Beiber Fever” by Samantha Glover

“We watched a video about this in class today! In the video there is a young guy who had a connection to a guy who worked at the lazer tag center and the owner’s daughter. The guy in the video said that nothing really happened, it was not a fight it was really just them playing lazer tag and being kids.

The female reporter then stated that it is sad that Beiber cannot be just a normal kid anymore, he has to grow up because being a young boy is bad for his image.

Also, Beiber is joining an organization that works to stop bullying. He is going to be one of their sponsors and spokespeople.

🙂 So maybe your Beiber Fever is safe…I for one never had it to begin with, but glad to help preserve it!”

Comment #13

December 2, 2010 2a.m. on Victoria Elizabeth’s blog post “Podcasts are the BOMB!”

I listened to Inside PR too! I did not know about any podcast having to do with Facebook lol. I know that I really enjoy The Creative Career podcasts too so you may want to check that out next time you go looking for a new podcast. I find it awesome that you can just type in a topic that you like and it will pull up all sorts of interesting podcasts, and the best part, they are FREE!

Well I hope you keep enjoying podcasts I know this class made me like them!”

Comment #14

Made on December 2, 2010 at 3a.m. to misslowoodward’s post “How to write better email copy”

I love stumbleupon! Stumbling is so much fun and so educative. I learn new things every single day. It also helped me find blogs to comment on that involve public relations or marketing.

About the comment you left me on my page, I think that that is cool that she wrote a post about that. I can definitely see where inexpensive would just trigger me to think of expensive. I will have to go comment on her post!”

Comment #15

Made on Dec. 2, 2010 to publicrelationwriter’s blog post “Hemingway’s 5 tips for writing well”

“I have a few posts with tips and misswoodward told me to come check out your blog since we write about things that are clost to the same! I think that that is cool when it is posts like this that have to do with tips and things that are not required for blog grades!

I know that I definitely try to follow the short sentences rule, it is very important and can make or break your blog.”

Comment #16

Comment made on Dec. 2, 2010 to Lindsey Elizabeth’s blog post “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

“I went to the Booty Beat to Beat Cancer workout and it was so much fun! I love October because it is Breast Cancer awareness month, it is a personal cause to me because of my family members who have had it.

I think that all of the different PR things that are done to raise awareness are amazing. ZTA definitely raises a lot of money to donate to finding a cure and does a great job in promoting their events.”

Comment #17

Made Dec. 2, 2010 on Barbara Nixons blog post “How to NOT use hastags on Twitter”

“That is horrible! I cannot believe that #dead and #raped are hashtags that could ever trend. You should follow up with their reply if they ever give you one. I also thing that them using a hashtag incorrectly is kind of funny to me since they are more experienced than I am with Twitter and I would not make that mistake.

I think I would still watch the video with or without them being inconsiderate, however they do need to check what they use hashtags for.”

Comment #18

Comment made on December 2, 2010 to Brianna W’s post “Black Friday Tragedy”

“I have personally never been Black Friday shopping. I prefer to attend Cyber Monday. That way I do not have to ever leave my house.

I know that probably if I had money or was still working at Belk then I would have shopped. I would have shopped at Belk on my break because they had awesome deals on jewelry that I could get my mom and Target would be my other necessary stop.

Last year with that guy getting trampled and killed was a little too insane. I personally spent my Friday putting up a Christmas tree, getting my nails done, and seeing a movie. Much less traffic and stress.

Dying is never worth it.”

Comment #19

Comment made on Sammi’s blog post “Black Friday Alternative-Online Shopping”

“That is definitely what I do! Cyber Monday is awesome! By the way I love your name.

I hate dealing with traffic and mean grumpy people anyways, not to mention at 4a.m. when they are likely to be even more grouchy. I know that I am not pleasant that early in the morning without plenty of sleep the night before.

Cyber Monday is so much less of a hassle, you can do everything online and have other people fight the traffic for you to deliver your presents to your doorstep. Wonderful concept! And a lot of the time you get free shipping along with the awesome deals. I personally hope I got a Kitchenaid mixer, they were $150 off!”

Comment #20

Made on Dec. 2,2010 to Samantha Glover’s blog post “Battle of the Blogs: WordPress vs. Blogger”

“AH! I remember Xanga, I had one! I used to write on that all of the time. It was the coolest thing ever, and then there was myspace, and now facebook and twitter.

I have to agree that blogging is definitely different. I know that WordPress may seem more complicated than some sites, but it also less confusing then some others. You’re right too in the fact that it gives your blog a more polished professional look which is important to future job hunting.

I have had good experiences with WordPress too, and I like their layout the best.”

Comment #21

Comment made on Stephanie Thomas’s blog post “Hot Grits and Homecoming”

“Hahaha, I remember you telling me about this! Food has always been a tried and true tactic to get people to vote for you for many things. In high school it was voting for SGA positions and in college it is for Homecoming court.

Next, it will be for the presidency! Just wait and see, everyone loves free stuff!

My favorites were the candidates who gave out t-shirts though, you can never have too many of those!”

Comment #22

made on Vertical Response’s blog post “Who Else Wants to Write Better Email Copy?”

“I think that alot of these tips are really helpful.

Many people today are in such a hurry that keeping things short and simple and easy to read is key.

Reading out loud is always a good idea. I know I read most of the papers that I write for classes out loud, I never thought to do it for an email!

Thanks for the excellent advice!”

Comment #23

made on Daily Kos’s blog post “Romance Reader, Unashamed”

“I think that it is absolutely true that many romance novels get a bad rep that they do not deserve. I have enjoyed reading them, and I am a young college student with a mind of my own who would never in a million years let a man walk all over me. I definitely enjoy the heroines in most of the novels, they are funny and witty and smart and always end up doing something amazing.

There have been multiple books that I have read where there are several dire situations and the woman gets the man out of it even! Not all of them are porno, in fact I do not think most are unless the are classified as erotica or something.

I think that the cultural reputation that these books had originally has just followed them into the new era and many people still believe them to be the same books of old, but they aren’t!”

Comment #24

made on Elle’s post “Tweet Dreams: Self Promotion Online”

“I think that alot of these tips are really helpful.

Many people today are in such a hurry that keeping things short and simple and easy to read is key.

Reading out loud is always a good idea. I know I read most of the papers that I write for classes out loud, I never thought to do it for an email!

Thanks for the excellent advice!”

Comment 25!

made on Dec. 2, 2010 to the post “Top 10 Tools for Landing a Better Job” on Kevin Purdy’s blog

“I think that this is fabulous. I am a college student and will be making my way out into the real job market soon.

I can sell myself as a retail worker to the best company if given a chance, but for a “real job” I’ll need all the help I can get!

The main big things that I did know is to do your research before you go in, remain calm and be able to answer a few generic questions, dress the part, and having an awsesome resume.

Hopefully with your heretofore unknown ideas maybe I can land a job!”


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