Want more people to see your website?

selfpromotion.com is a website created by Robert Woodhead. One of the things I assume he deems important due to its bold face and larger font is:

“99% of Webmasters don’t need costly website optimization and submission services. Interestingly, 99% of “Search Engine Professionals” don’t mention this — they’re too interested in charging you for their services.”

A summary of his summary of his “12 step” program:

1. If you’re selling something, make sure you’re selling the right thing.

2. Get your site working properly.

3. Choose keywords and tweak your site for the search engines.

4. Submit to the major search engines.

5. Submit to the major indexes.

6. Submit to the general indexes.

7. Send me money!

8. Consider paying for hits.

9. Learn more about sales and promotion.

10. Do your research before hiring anyone to do promotion for you.

11. Go get some links!

12. Read the rest of this page!

Go check out his page for more info! http://selfpromotion.com/


2 thoughts on “Want more people to see your website?

  1. Interesting… Though I am a webmaster, I wasn’t aware that you could pay for hits for your website.

    It is definitely true that most “helpful” website-creation sites don’t tell you that making a site is easy.

    Promotion is key. I have found a little bit of success in pandering to people with similar interests. But I could certainly still use some help.

    Thanks for posting this. I hope after reviewing this guy’s page I’ll find ruther success.

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