TOW: Grammar Girl

The topic for this week is Grammar Girl’s website, written by Mignon Fogarty. The website has links to different tips involving grammar. There are things like who vs. whom and lie vs. lay. I chose to look at one thing that is truly difficult for me sometimes.

Active vs. passive voice. I have always had problems making sure I have just one voice in my papers. Some teachers want you to use active, but in journalism many things have to involve the passive voice.

So, I chose to see what Grammar Girl had to say on the subject. She said that passive is not wrong. Also, that there are studies that show that the general masses understand active voice better.

Active voice is when your subject does something like, “I love Matt,” whereas passive would be “Matt is loved by me.”

I think that the article was helpful to me because as she says you do need to know about what active and passive voice are before you know how to use them.

I would like to learn more about why in certain journalism you use passive and not active voice.


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