Cool Site that Many Already Know…But

For those of you who do not know there is a really cool site called StumbleUpon ( where you can just click the stumble button after setting up your interests and it will pull up random things from online that fit your choices.

For example one can select topics like: Marketing, Shopping, Pets, Quizzes, Puzzles, Football Books, Celebrities, etc. Then it will filter through tons of items on the web and pull up a suggested website. If you do not like it you click the stumble button again and again until you get something of interest.

I just wanted to share this website with anyone who didn’t know about it!

I hope you enjoy stumbling.


3 thoughts on “Cool Site that Many Already Know…But

  1. This site is so cool! (granted I visited it instead of paying attention to my Human Comm lecture) It kind of reminds me of Bing. It took me a few clicks to find a website I liked though but when I finally did I found it so addicting. This can also be helpful if you have to compare sites or for research. Thanks for finding this great website!

  2. Cool! I love hearing about this site! I’ve only used it once or twice but I just adore the randomness of the site! Plus you can keep a blog on it and maybe someone will “stumble upon” it. Lol. Lame, I know but I really love this site and hearing about it. My friend actually has to keep an art blog on it for his art class. The site just seems so creative. But I already have a blog though I haven’t updated it recently at LiveJournal. Thanks for posting this! Nice PR Connection. I didn’t know stumbleupon had all of those things.

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