Currently I am involved in multiple forms of social media. I use Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and listen to podcasts.

I personally adore TweetDeck. TweetDeck allows me (or anyone who uses it) to link to both Twitter and Facebook all at once. I enjoy the organization of the columns, it just helps keep them organized and separate.

I will just access Facebook from the web without TweetDeck, but ever since I got TweetDeck I never go to

WordPress I started using to blog for my intro to PR class, and I am obviously continuing to use it! I am now using it for my PR Writing class (PRCA 3330).

Podcasts I got into through TOW 7 which was an assignment over summer for my intro class. We had to listen to podcasts and say what we learned. You can read my post about it! I still listen to The Creative Career and I have also been listening to random ones with PR or Event Planning in the taglines.

My podcasts I do not listen to on my computer, I put them on my iPod and listen to them between classes.

In general I think that all of these forms of social media keep me connected and well informed. Of course I still have to reference things like for current events. However, when it comes to PR the social media sites help the most!


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