Reading Notes Ch 14-15

Ch. 14

The news release is the most commonly used public relations tactic

The target audience is the editor as they are the ones who will decide to publish it, so make it interesting

Pictures help to create interest so, use them

A mat release is formated differently than other news releases, the feature angle is usually used instead of a lead that gives a key message

Media alerts are usually short bulleted items instead of long paragraphs

Ch. 15

PSA’s can be used for radio and television to. A basic PSA is done by a nonprofit organization and is typically 20-60 seconds long.

A video news release includes: 90-second report with voiceover narration on an audio channel separate from that containing soundbites and natural sound, a b-roll which is video only, clear identification of video source, script, spokespeople information, media contacts, extra sound bites, and story background.

Product placement is used in TV alot like when a character drives a certain car or in American Idol how you see Coke everywhere.  Sometimes product pacement can be mutual, like when the cast needs a place to stay so they film at a resort. Other times the company must pay a fee to have their products in the show.

Podcasts and Blogs have become increasingly popular forms of publicity.

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