News Release Tips-TOW 8

According to our class book Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics there are different ways of writing required for print news releases vs. internet news releases.

Some of the guidelines for print:

  • Use standard 8.5″x11″ paper, 10-12pt font in Times Roman or Courier (easy to read)
  • Identify sender in upper left or right corner of the page and provide contact information
  • Leave room for editing
  • Use a boldface headline with the key message of the release and provide a dateline
  • Start with a summary 3-5 lines giving the most important details

Some tips  for internet:

  • Maximum of 200 words
  • Bulleted points to convey key points
  • Never send as an attachment as it can be thought of as spam and left unopened

Another few tips from

  • Headlines no more than 80 characters in length
  • Limit the amount of links to one per 100 words
  • If you use industry jargon provide definitions

Link to the book


2 thoughts on “News Release Tips-TOW 8

  1. I like how you incorproated a book for refrence into your blog post. And the fact that it is a PR book, made your post even more credible. News releses are a vital part of all PR jobs.

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