My 10 Tips for Blogging

10 markers-10 tips!

1. If the blog posts are assignments do them ahead of time.

2. Write small paragraphs, they are easier to read.

3. If you need inspiration visit other peoples blogs as a springboard for ideas-make sure to link to their blog.

4. Do not be afraid. Just Write.

5. If you find somethig truly interesting, write a post about it, your passion will come through and spark peoples interest.

6. Get a good blog design that reflects your personality.

7. Use spell check!

8. Check your old posts to avoid repetition.

9. Don’t be afraid to use pictures, Bing and Flickr are good sources.

10. Have fun with it! Be you! Comment often!

These are not in any order they are just my top 10 tips! Get Blogging!


2 thoughts on “My 10 Tips for Blogging

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your top 10 list. Its not hard to blog for us in my opinion, but there are some friendly tips to make it easier. My favorite one is to make the sentences shorter!!

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