TOW 6-All about Crisis

Crisis is “a nonroutine event that risks undesired visibility that in turn threatens significant reputational damage.”

4 Types: Meteor, Predator, Breakdown, Lingering

Sparks of Crisis: Environmental, Technological, Terroristic, Criminal Misconduct, Managerial, Accidental

There are many benefits to planning ahead for crisis management.

“Suck or Die” Factor-

  • “product+sucks”
  •  “company+sucks”
  •  “die+company”
  •  “i+hate+company”

3 R’s of Crisis Communication: Research, Response, Recovery

Research can provide: relationship building, environmental scan, emergency personnel, notification and communication procedures, and practice

There are 4 stages of crisis:Heroic, Disillusionment, Honeymoon, and Reconstruction.

In recovery follow-up, solidify relationships, and adjust plans.

Success can be measured by Power, Breadth, and Depth of Impact.

I personally think that the recovery is the most important because anyone can get through a crisis, it is all about how well they can heal and rebuild after a hugely damaging crisis. Those who do not crumble in the face of such a disaster and just rebuild and even make their company and selves better than before are truly exceptional.

All of this is based on my teachers presentation which can be found at:


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