Blogging Formula

Step 1: Decide what the post should do for you

Do you want to create business, get reposted/linked, have a call to action, or just start something?

Step 2: How can I be helpful?

Everyone wants to post something on their blogs to help others.

Step 3: The actual writing

You should let your message and intent guide your writing style/length.

Review last few weeks posts to prevent repetition.


These helpful tips were found at


2 thoughts on “Blogging Formula

  1. Samantha,
    How cute is this post?! This is an awesome simple way of figuring out how to create a blog, the types of things your posts should pertain to and what things you want your audience to gain from reading the posts on your blog! I love it. I think this formula works well for everyone. Not just new bloggers coming into “the business”, but also for the pros that may have gotten a bit out of touch. Finding out what your audience’s likes are will really help the survival of your blog! One thing I don’t necessarily think matters is the length. Good writing is good writing whether it’s a page or a paragraph. It’s the message that counts! Great post!
    -Jessica Dennis

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