TOW Week 5

Last week I had to do a week of Twitter. I actually enjoyed it. Our teacher gave us a list of PR professionals to follow, and I enjoyed seeing what they tweeted. I also really liked it when some of my tweets got retweeted or I got mentioned. I used to have a personal Twitter and I only had eleven followers. Through doing it for class I actually have fifty followers after just two weeks!

I tweeted about different things like cool videos on youtube, a quote website, questions, and other general things. Up until this assignment I had not really used Twitter and had just seen other people using it. I know my roommate would come tell me cool things that her favortie bands tweeted. I just never really liked it. I think it was that I did not understand it. I also did not understand the reason people liked it so much, I think facebook gives you more stuff to do.

Facebook does still give you more things to do like playing around with cool apps, posting alot of photos, and not having a word limit of 140. However, I did discover through the way we had to use Twitter that it is more professional than facebook. You do not play games you tweet and follow people and you can keep up with multiple people in your field.

My savior for the week of Twitter was TweetDeck. I love it! TweetDeck allowed me to see all the tweets I have done, all the recent tweets from the people I am following, and any mentions people made of me. Then, if I were on another website when someone tweets something new it pops up in the corner of my screen! I think that having all of the tips about who to follow and to use TweetDeck made the Twitter experience ten times better for me.

The hardest part for me was not in getting in the twenty required tweets and five comments, but in keeping it to 140 characters. If I put a website url in on the regular Twitter it would take up most of my 140, TweetDeck shortened them which helped. I still did not like being restricted. Also, doing tweets on things other than “I had a bagel for breakfast and now I am going to workout” was mildly difficult. I just did not know what to put that people would find interesting. I think I did relatively well however.

I had a good mix of tweets from the Baby Gaga video to things I learned about Pr. I think that now that I know how Twitter works that I will use it in the future. I also think that seeing how to use it correctly helped me to understand how people have been using it in a professional sense. I mean you can tweet about something a client is doing and all of your followers will see it, and then they can retweet it and theirs will see it and so forth. I think it was a good experience and an excellent assignment for our teacher to give us.


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