TOW Week 4-redo

I originally did this a week ago, but for some reason it would not publish!

Our assignment this week was to watch one of our teachers interviews and write about it. I watched her interview with Kneale Mann. I really learned a lot from this interview. I learned a lot about Kneale when he gave his history, and he gave a lot of advice about blogging and social networking too.

Kneale is from Ottawa and he is in the business of social networking and consultation. He travels in two circles public sector which is for non-profit and his association is with the Center of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing which has been in business for about five years. The other is the private sector. There are many differences between the two. He said that on the private side he can work with smaller companies.

He does things like writing a social media employee tool kit. He has been part of a production company, wrote a column called Space Oddities, and worked on radio for 23 years. He also said that social media has been around forever, and everything depends on your perspective. You have to be willing to do PR and social media and everything else.

Once he went into advice on blogging he first started by telling about when he first began blogging. He states that he started his blog about two years ago and his first post said he was a geek and did not know where the blog was going to go from there. He said that his best advice is to just write. He decided to write about what he does and what he wants to do. He said that you can just write about whatever it is that interests you. He also said that as a society we are all about instant gratification and that you will not have 10,000 Twitter followers or hundreds of blog viewers instantly but you can build to that.

Our teacher mentioned how excited we get when someone comments on our blogs. To that he said to get excited it is a good thing, and then go comment back on theirs. Commenting on other peoples blogs will get more people to comment on yours. His final advice was to post your blog different places. He said to link it to your Twitter and your Facebook and let people know you are trying different things.

I think I learned a lot about what he does and his advice about blogs and anyones advice about starting blogging is appreciated. I think that what surprised me most from this is that he also did not know what to write about when he first got a blog. I think it really made me feel better to know that someone who was already in the field did not know what to write about at first and that they turned their blog into a success. Also, I liked that he mentioned that this blog is not going to be the only one you ever have.

You can find Kneale Mann on twitter and on his blog

The interview can be found here:


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