TOW week 2

This weeks topic: Blog Comments!

So, I did some research and found out that there are actually some people who do not agree that blog comments are important. Steve Pavlina wrote that he was very happy about his decision to disable blog comments. I also found that there have been numerous posts about how some comments are too vile and dirty and that commenting should be censored.

However, my assignment is to write about why they are important and an integral part of blogs. I personally thought in my head that they are feedback, and how would a writer know what people thought without the readers saying something? I went on a search to see what other people thought.

Laura Quintile said that there have been studies done, and only about 9% of people are occasionally commenting and only 1% actively contribute to the blog.

An article on made some good points. It had three general reasons to comment which were that you are sharing your opinion on a topic, you are getting involved in a discussion, and that you are potentially giving and receiving extra information. Another thing that the post/article did was outline the steps you can take in commenting to help your blog.

On it says that when you comment on someone else’s blog and leave a link to your page you both get extra traffic and give it. When someone searches your blog in a search engine it will pull up theirs with your address in it.

All in all from these other opinions I have surmised that blog comments are important because they get you involved, tell others your opinions, and create traffic for your blog and the other persons. I still must add that I think the most important part for me would be the part of what readers opinions are and not the added blog traffic.


One thought on “TOW week 2

  1. Thanks for referencing my post/blog at I’m happy that blog commenting -post was useful to you… and hopefully to everyone else who reads this/that too!

    p.s. since I do think blog comments matter, naturally I’m here thanking you 🙂

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