Personal Career Goals


So, I thought it would be a good idea to inform whomever is reading this about my career goals. I am currently a Public Relations major so, I obviously want to do something involving PR. However, I used to be an art major. Art is something I have always loved. Creativity has a wonderful outlet in art which is the reason I do it. I really want to find a career where I can incorporate art and PR into one.

Some options… My Aunt and Uncle own an event planning company called Hargrove. Their company has recently become more politically involved, and working for them as their PR exec would be something I would enjoy. Since I currently work for Estee Lauder I could climb up the ranks into the corporate side of the company and work on PR for them. I think it would be cool to be the Creative Director of either company or one I am as of yet unaware of. I am currently working on becoming fluent in French so perhaps I could be a PR exec in France.

I know that this is thinking in the future, but I really have a dream of owning my own business. I would love to own a cute little bookstore somewhere when I retire from whatever career path I choose to follow.

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2 thoughts on “Personal Career Goals

  1. This is cool! Congrats on having so many goals!…I’m still working on mine ^_^;. But this sounds really good. I didn’t know you were in to art, that’s really cool! I love art, though I’m not much of a visual artist. I’m more in the performing arts category and writing. How is it working for Estee Lauder? That sounds like an awesome job to have at your age. I also think it’s really cool that you want to combine art and PR. It’s the same thing I want to do in a sense except my two passions are performing (dance mainly) and writing. Event planning is what I would think about too if I do something with PR. Good luck!

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